We encourage Hubbers to leverage their professional, academic, and personal expertise. La Moana does so brilliantly. Her Hubs on science, renewable energy, and parenting are equally interesting, useful, and unique. To better acquaint ourselves with this multifaceted expert, we asked La Moana for an interview. Perhaps you, too, will be inspired to leverage more of your personal, professional, and/or academic expertise after reading our exchange.

You share on your profile that you’re a scientist. What kind of scientist are you? What sort of work do you do?

I have a PhD in physics, with focus on materials sciences and solar technologies.

Several of your Hubs are on renewable energy technology- what makes you most excited about this field, and what are some interesting green energy trends you’re watching?

I am interested in the technology aspect as well as the environmental aspect, meaning I think everybody should contribute what they can to keep our planet livable. Some positive trends are in politics (tax credits, grants, etc.), schools lay much more emphasis on teaching environmental protection nowadays, and there is much community outreach and progress in developing new technologies.

What sparked your interest in natural medicine?

My interest in natural medicine was initiated by pediatricians being too quick when it comes to prescribing antibiotics and not considering holistic approaches.

As a parent, what do you think are the most important subjects children should be exposed to early on in school?

In early (preschool to JK) years, kids should be taught especially courtesy and manners more than academics. Many parents don’t take the time or find it necessary, so the schools should chip in.

You wrote a really fun Hub on getting kids interested in nature- do you plan on writing more Hubs with lesson and activity ideas? What inspired this particular Hub?

I will probably write more about this topic. It was a spontaneous idea that I got during a birthday party.

You also wrote a fabulous Hub on Styrian cabbage stew which includes helpful step-by-step photos. In this recipe, you share that you’re not necessarily a cooking enthusiast- but the recipe is great and the stew looks delicious! Who taught you how to cook?

Thank you so much for complementing on my Hubs! This particular recipe comes from our family; otherwise I usually cook according to recipes from the internet or cook books.

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3 replies on “The Multifaceted La Moana – An Inspiration to Leverage ALL Your Areas of Expertise

  1. I read at treehugger, a discovery company, that Germany ran on solar power for an entire weekend. Also, energy providers are required to buy solar powered electricity at a fixed price; and several private homes are installing solar panels, running their homes entirely on solar power, and making money selling solar power to energy companies.
    Definitely a step in the right direction.

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