They say that some of our most productive work happens when we’re relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many people have “ah-hah” moments on their front porch, in the shower, at the kitchen table, and in many other seemingly un-productive places.

With this in mind, why should we always sit down to write Hubs in the same place? Would it not be fun to work on one’s Hubs in a different sort of environment every now and then?

I first got the idea of holding a Hubbing retreat from an awesome Hub by Brainy Bunny. She and her sister theclevercat took two days to focus on writing and improving Hubs. On the first day, they focused exclusively on generating new ideas and writing Hubs. On the second day, they worked on polishing and promoting their work. For this retreat, they set up a comfortable space at Brainy Bunny’s home, spent some time working from a coffee shop, and took lots of breaks. In addition to focusing on their own work, the sisters traded ideas and helped each other out.

Brainy Bunny’s Hubbing retreat sounds absolutely lovely to me! I love how collaborative it was, that they regularly changed locations, and that they worked in relaxed, comfortable, stress-free environments. I strongly believe that we could all benefit from a Hubbing retreat every now and then, and in addition to sharing Brainy Bunny’s ideas with you, I would like to add some additional ideas to the mix.

More Hubbing Retreat Ideas

  • Make use of your vacations: Traveling and camping is fun, but sometimes it can get boring- on long train rides or in remote, sparsely-populated and internet-free wilderness areas, for example. One can turn these opportunities into Hubbing retreats by bringing along a small notebook and jotting down ideas and outlines. Being on vacation can help you slip into a more creative, relaxed mindset, plus being in a new place can help you approach problems and writing ideas with a fresh perspective.
  • Take advantage of sick days: Sometimes we get sick because our bodies are exhausted and our minds are begging for something new to focus on. If you’re stressed out at work and find yourself home sick and constantly churning over the same problems at work, consider giving yourself that much needed break by holding a short one-person Hubbing retreat and focusing on creative, outside-of-everyday-life things for a bit. You can completey revitalize your HubPages portfolio, plus physically recover and return to work ready to take on those looming challenges with fresh energy and a bit of grounded perspective to back you up.
  • Join your kids: Kids regularly retreat to various places to work on schoolwork- why not join them? When I was a kid and busy studying, my parents would occasionally join me in what we all called “parallel play.” Essentially, they’d just sit down next to me and work on their own projects as I worked on mine. This can be a great way to regularly work on your Hubs, and additionally helps you connect with your kids (or other young friends and family members). What’s more, younger generations might contribute some fresh ideas to your Hubs!
  • Book Hubbing retreat flights: Many airlines offer wireless internet on certain flights. If you can manage to snag those on your next cross-country journey, you can turn each flight into a distraction-free, outside-the-normal-environment Hubbing retreat. Even if you can’t get a flight that has wireless internet, you can still bring along a laptop, phone, notebook, or tablet, and work on Hubs offline.
  • Create designated, reoccurring Hub retreat time slots: Many of the world’s must successful and famous writers say they’re successful in part because they’ve set up a regular schedule for writing- one which they will not let anyone else compromise. Even if it is just fifteen minutes each morning, or two hours every Sunday evening, consider setting aside a designated Hubbing retreat time that you never miss. This time might also be a great way to forget about everything else that’s going on in your life and unwind!
  • Mix pamper time with Hubbing time: While I frequently encounter Hubbers working like professionals- that is, Hubbing from home offices, sitting at desks, and treating the entire process very seriously, I rarely hear about Hubbers Hubbing while they are totally relaxed and in a stress-free state. Why not tap into the extra creativity and focus one enjoys when feeling blissed out by combining pleasant things like sitting in your backyard, passively watching a Nascar race, painting your toenails, or doing whatever else it is that helps you relax, with Hubbing? You don’t have to be super engaged in the Hubbing process at these times, but by working on outlines and new ideas while doing something very relaxing, you might think up some marvelous new things.
  • Turn workouts into Hubbing retreats: Once you get warmed up and are in a nice state of flow, great ideas emerge from their hiding places! If you work out on a treadmill, recumbent bike, or elliptical, consider bringing a laptop with you and jotting down ideas while working out.  You might even lose track of time and end up working out longer.
  • Host a Hubbing retreat with your friends: Whether or not your friends already have HubPages accounts, consider hosting a Hubbing retreat with them. It doesn’t have to be HubPages-specific; it can be about writing and being more creative in general. Everyone can bring a project they’re working on, and in a common, comfortable, and fun environment, everyone can share ideas and offer group support. One benefit of bringing together a bunch of friends that are working on a variety of creative projects (e.g. poetry, Hubbing, painting, and novel writing) is that each individual offers a fresh perspective that might give you some useful ideas.

These are only a couple of ideas for Hubbing retreats. Have you ever held a Hubbing retreat before, or are you planning one for the future? What does your ideal Hubbing retreat entail? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below!


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8 replies on “Host a Hubbing Retreat!

  1. Thank you for the shout-out, Simone! I love the ideas you added for other places to get your creative juices flowing. In fact, I might just borrow YOUR idea and spend some time Hubbing with my kids!

  2. If I could have a hubbing retreat at the location of that photo, well .. I think I would go every day.

    I have been thinking about doing this (solo), just to get away from the distractions at home. I know the perfect location that will provide a lot of inspiration – for writing, writing ideas and photos.

  3. There’s a camping site in our place near the shore of the river, where I can spin lots of ideas about nature (wildlife, photography, etc.).

    I’ve been inviting my cousins who are also dipping their hands on hubbing (they’re all teachers) but they’re occupied right now with the enrolment.

    (sighs) I should or must be contented with my dog (Brownie) as my ‘barking” buddy, who always give me ‘bright ideas’. (lol)

    Thanks, Simone!

  4. Actually, I’m considering having a meeting for “Retreating Hubbers” the way things have been going on here lately! LOL!


  5. It does sound like a great plan. I was inspired by Brainy Bunny’s hub, and your additional ideas are a great addition. I started working only from home, but now I do try to “interview’ people I meet to try to get ideas for hubs and information in general. I am hoping that I can work at a library or at a park, but need to get a laptop for that. I’d be happy to go to that place in the photo!

  6. Simone:

    I really like the idea that Brainy had about hub retreats. It breathes new life into creating new and fresh article ideas for all of us. I was personally thinking about doing a bit of travel writing on a destination that I frequent in the future. Currently this may also be a great topic to discuss in more detail at our next hubmeet which is organized by Glenn stok, a writer here on HP. We meet up on Long Island each month when possible. And the hub retreat topic is something that we can introduce into our discussion. Definitely sounds like something that all hubpage writers within the community will benefit from sooner than later.


  7. Thanks again for the great inspiration, Brainy Bunny!
    And that makes two of us, Kristin! I took that photo in the Yucatan. So lovely there. You should totally have a go at doing this at home, though! I want to do the same.
    Wow, I want to go to this beautiful camping site and sketch out some Hub ideas, travel_man1971! Sounds amazing.
    Ah, Randy. Randy Randy Randy.
    I love this idea of interviewing people, Shasta! I’d like to do that, too.
    Ohh! You go to Glenn Stok’s HubMeets? That’s awesome, Jlbowden! I think those are the coolest. I think the Hub retreat idea would be really fun to discuss at the next meeting. I wish I could come!

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