With a new feature announcement, new rules aren’t far behind. As Simone announced last week, Hubbers will be able to create Recipes and Review Hubs using Special Layout Options. Here are the rules for this new feature:

1) Don’t use Recipe Capsules for non-recipes

The Recipe Capsules include Cook Time, Ingredients, Instructions, and Nutrition Capsules. Because these capsules are identified as Recipe-related by search engines, they cannot be used in non-Recipe Hubs. If you decide to share your “Recipe for a Romantic Weekend” or your “Recipe for Destruction!” with the world, don’t use these capsules to do so.

2) Ratings Capsules belong only in Review and Recipe Hubs

The Ratings Capsule is the most important capsule for Recipe and Review Hubs, and should only be used in those two types of Hubs. The Ratings Capsule will be based on the subject of a Hub, not a Hub itself.  Up and Down votes are there for Hub feedback.

We will notify authors when they have mistakenly used these capsules, and give them one week to make the necessary changes before unpublishing the content.

To review all of our existing rules, check out the Violations section of the Learning Center. We will not be reviewing all the Recipes and Reviews that are published, so if you notice a Hub in violation of these rules, please flag it!

If you have any questions on these or any other rules, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Posted by:HubPages Admin

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