We’re happy to announce a number of fabulous changes here at HubPages. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do:

  • HubPages will assume ownership of all of the original photos you’ve uploaded to the site. We will be collaborating with Pinterest to assemble them into a book which we will be selling. Unfortunately, we will not be able to share revenues with Hubbers for this.
  • We are modifying Hubs’ ad layout and impressions-share arrangement. From now on, author’s share of impressions will occur on the bottom two units on Mondays and Thursdays between 2 a.m. and 3:30 a.m., while all other ad impressions will be on HubPages’s share.
  • We will select, at random, 10 users on the site daily for banning. Because the selection will be done at random, our support team will not be able to give guidance on why our banning algorithm chose certain Hubbers. Keep in mind that you’ll still have access to your Hubs when banned if you want to publish them elsewhere.
  • Hubs will have to have a minimum of 3,000 words to be published, except poetry Hubs, which only have to have a minimum of 2,750 words each.
  • Every Hub must be translated into Spanish and French. We strongly encourage translation into Mandarin Chinese, too, but we have chosen to make that optional.
  • Since staff reads every Hub, every comment, and every forum post, we will rate each Hubber contribution for quality and positivity, and will every rating feed into HubberScore. Please note that too many (more than 3) down-ratings may result in a banning.

Thank you for being as excited about these changes as we are. And, if it wasn’t obvious enough, Happy April Fool’s Day!

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51 replies on “Important Changes Coming to HubPages

  1. Obviously Google have purchased Hubpages and are placing their own quality control into the design! I love these ideas and cannot wait to lose all my revenue – have you considered charging Hubbers $5 for every Hub!

    Happy April Fools Day!!

  2. Wow what a funny April fools gag.

    Of course we know how amazing Hubpages is for both writers and the internet. We are really happy that Google finally figured that out too and has reversed it’s mean Panda slap.Too bad it’s not funny and is pretty close to reality. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is SO funny!!! I read the first point and couldn’t believe my eyes. Then I suddenly realized that it was April 1st! Thanks for such an amusing way to start the day.

  4. lol..nice.. fool.. i love the part..”being banned randomly.. who knows administrator may also get banned.. hehehe

  5. LOL, you had me rather confused and worried on the first one. Then I checked to see who wrote the blog and glanced at the last line before reading the rest of it! HA- good one, Jason.

  6. Estamos contentos de anunciar una serie de cambios fabulosos aquí en HubPages. Esperamos que los disfruten tanto como nosotros lo hacemos:

    HubPages asumirá la propiedad de todas las fotos originales que has subido al sitio. Vamos a colaborar con Pinterest reunirlos en un libro que se pondrán a la venta. Por desgracia, no vamos a ser capaces de compartir los ingresos con Hubbers para ello.

    Estamos modificando el diseño de los cubos de anuncios y la disposición impresiones compartido. A partir de ahora, la participación del autor de las impresiones que se producen en las dos últimas unidades de los lunes y jueves entre las 2 am y las 3:30 am, mientras que todas las impresiones de los anuncios de otros será en la cuota de HubPages mujeres.

    Vamos a seleccionar, a los usuarios al azar, 10 en el sitio todos los días de la prohibición. Debido a que la selección se hará al azar, nuestro equipo de soporte no será capaz de dar orientación sobre por qué eligió nuestro algoritmo de la prohibición de ciertas Hubbers. Tenga en cuenta que usted todavía tiene acceso a sus Hubs, cuando se le prohibió si quieres publicarlas en otros lugares.

    Hubs tendrá que tener un mínimo de 3.000 palabras que se publicará, a excepción de concentradores de poesía, que sólo tienen que tener un mínimo de 2.750 palabras cada uno.

    Cada cubo debe ser traducido al español y al francés. Animamos a la traducción al chino mandarín, también, pero hemos optado por hacer que la opcional.

    Puesto que el personal lee todos los concentradores, cada comentario, y cada mensaje en el foro, vamos a votar cada contribución Hubber de la calidad y la positividad, y HubberScore cada toma clasificación en. Tenga en cuenta que muchos (más de 3) hacia abajo-evaluación puede resultar en una prohibición.

    Gracias por ser tan entusiasmados con estos cambios y como somos. Y, si no era suficientemente obvio, Feliz Día de los Inocentes!

    ===== end of copy paste ======

    ok, I hope I’m good in getting text translated from English to Spanish (with Google Translate)

    If this looks fine, I will use this for my future Hubs

  7. Wow, awesome April Fool’s joke! I was beginning to fall for it. My hubby in the background was loosing for me, as I started to read this outloud. I am at a lose for words…LOL! Priceless! Amazing! Congrats for a job well done. My hubby doesn’t fall for pranks every often, but this one cut the cake. Time to go take some de-stress pills now and lick my wounds…LOL!

  8. OMG! I stopped after the first line and thought, “wow, they’re going to assume ownership of all our photos” and then after I read the second line twice, I thought “a lot of people are going to be mad.” And then I scanned to the bottom. You caught me at a gullible time!!!

  9. Very good, I read it 3 times wondering how to translate my words into spanish, I am such a mug!!! lol

  10. Happy April Fool’s Day to all of you, too. That was a fun read you did. Almost had me fooled.

  11. Since I have always been a HUGE April FOOLER…..every April 1st. I awaken on high alert and am on guard every minute…..for the least little prank.
    Seriously…nice try, but I pegged this after the first paragraph. Halfway through, I was expecting you to inform us that the name would be changed to “Hitler’s HubPages.”……and we would all be receiving our military uniforms via Fed-Ex. …..No hubs may be published if written while OUT of uniform..
    CUTE, guys….really cute. I’m a good sport!

  12. How clever and HILARIOUS! This was brilliant! I am slow – but when I got to the banning statement – I was like – ok the gig is up! Loved it though – thanks for the laugh.

  13. At first I thought are you SERIOUS? Then I thought, mmmm… maybe. But when you said we had to translate our hubs to Spanish and French but encouraged us to translate to Manadarin, then I knew it had to be a joke. I finally realized it was April Fool’s Day. lololo!
    This was a good one and thank goodness you are not randomly banning. I would have been HOT! lololo!

  14. Awesome changes and way to go HubPages! You really got my head spinning and heart racing for a moment. Happy April Fool’s Day guys, enjoy at our expense 🙂

  15. Maybe I will just move my hubs to another site. I just don;t know where you get off taking everything away from us who are the ones that actually make your income for you/!!!

    Our articles are what pulls traffic to your site and our articles are what causes people to click adsense ads.

    By the way, JK. :p

  16. I was actually going to be giving you’ll a lecture! Compulsory translation 😛

    One of the best pranks ever 😉 Claps to whoever was a part of this!

  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha – I read thsi aloud to my kids and after the first shocked, “What the ….” we were all rolling on the floor.

  18. Future hubber and found this post. Started reading and was almost ready to close the browser and never come back. April fools caught the corner of my eye and took a second look.

  19. Oh, oh, oh! You GOT me! I was fuming as I read this. “… select, at random…” I almost missed the fact that this was an April Fools joke until I read Sharon Collins’ comment. If it were not for her comment I would have deleted my HP account ASAP! Nice joke, but please don’t do it again. I almost had a heart attack.

  20. Yep, I bit too! Oh man, I didn’t know my eyes could open so wide.

    I wish I didn’t have to admit to myself that it took me three paragraphs before I connected the date of posting and my horror at the fabulous upcoming changes.

  21. All original photos will become the property of hubpages had my head spinning and 3000 words for a hub got me thinking. Well done. I almost got fooled.

  22. Great! This guy should just about be ready by1st April1013……- Happy happy & God bless you all!

  23. Thanks for including this article in the Hub Pages weekly! LOVE IT!
    You gave it away when you mentioned taking all of our pictures. I thought to myself, no way, these guys are too nice around here.
    I cracked up laughing at how long the poems should be. Wonderful article, very funny.

  24. LOL i thought it was the start of the end of hubpages!!! 3000 word article! I fell for it and I even saw the April; 1st date!!! hahahaha

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