Attractive Hubs are more likely to keep readers on the page, so why not work on making your Hubs as pretty as possible?

Here are some simple things you can do to spruce up your online publications:

Do your Hubs need a touch up?

  • Break your text into multiple Text Capsules: By separating your Hub into multiple sections, you can float more attractive images (and other useful capsules) to the right. Having your information organized under multiple sub-headers also makes it easier for readers to skip around your Hub, making it a more reader-friendly resource.
  • Break your text into bullets: Just as multiple Text Capsules help to distinguish and separate different themes in a Hub, making it easier to skip around and find exactly what one is looking for, bullets and lists within a Text Capsule make information even easier to access (and to be sure, access is a thing of beauty).
  • Keep text clean: Hubs that avoid over-use of ALL CAPS, italicization, bolding, and underlining, as well as Hubs that have text broken down into bite-sized paragraphs, are much easier for readers to approach.
  • Use original photos: Nothing beats original photos. Even if they’re taken with a camera phone, we recommend using images that you’ve taken or created yourself. They may not be the most beautiful shots in the world, they are the most relevant and authentic images you could include in a guide or recipe, and when it comes to online articles, relevant + authentic = GORGEOUS!
  • Avoid stock images: A couple years back, stock images (known for having white backgrounds and being somewhat staged) were seen as a sign of professional polish. Today, they have more of a negative connotation and are associated with advertisements and low-quality websites. We recommend going with your own images or something with a more ‘authentic’ feel.
  • Use high-resolution images: Pixelated images go against our publishing standards and should never be included in a Hub, but we encourage you to go above and beyond by including high quality, high resolution images in your Hubs. When you add these lovely images, be sure to check the “View original size on click?” box in the Photo Capsule so that visitors may view these images in their entirety.

Making Hubs look good is quite easy- it’s all a matter of developing some good habits. Next time you draft a Hub, just make point of presenting simple, straightforward text and using original, genuine, high-quality images.

Image by Hamner_Fotos, CC-BY, via Flickr

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13 replies on “Tips on Making Your Hubs Attractive

  1. Hi Simone,
    I’m a new Hubber and Not a very speedy one at that! I’m attempting to make my Hubs as visually interesting as possible because I think it makes for a far better reading experience. I’ve been inserting some of my content into the graphics I’ve been making and breaking up the text with color and design.
    I think people are enjoying it-it may be too soon to tell.
    Thank you for this article. Best Regards

  2. Thanx for your best tips on how to make your hubpages more attractive. These are basic tips where someone avoids and told these are most important.

  3. Thank you for the insight on how to make our hub pages better reads. As a newbie on HubPages, I really appreciate it. My next hub will look better thanks to you!

  4. Hi Simone,
    Thank you very much for your suggestions on how to improve the look of our hubs. Breaking text into multiple capsules would make for easier reading, but I’m not sure I know how to do that.
    Also, I don’t know what’s the function of the moving arrow to the left of the text. I once clicked on it to see if it might let me insert a pic within the body of my article, but the pic ended up in the upper right corner.
    I guess I’ll have to peruse through your learning center a bit to familiarize myself with the system.

    1. Hi Chris! Yes, do have a look at the Learning Center- we’ve packed it with helpful guides and tutorials that should get you up to speed with the HubTool and other aspects of writing on the site 😀
      The arrow to the side of Capsules enables you to justify them to the right of the page- to make them go back to full-width format, just click the arrows with each end pointing outward. To break text into multiple capsules, just add multiple Text Capsules and add different bits of text with unique sub headers into each Text Capsule.

  5. I’ll try your suggestions; I have started to take more pix in hopes of using them on my hub. I’ll also start switching things around to add interest. As always, thanks for your informative information.

  6. Thank, thank you all for this great information. I have spent so much time looking for good photos on the internet thinking those would be what I should have on my hub. Simone thank you for all the great information I will follow your advice.

  7. Using your own original photos adds a more personal touch to the hub. I wish I were a better photographer.I will continue practicing and meantime, will begin adding my own photos even if they show that I’m obviously a beginner. Great tips, Simone. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for your best tips on how to make your hub pages more attractive. These are important tips. My next hub will look better thanks to you!

  9. Hi Simone! These are great tips for attractive hubs. I sometimes italicize whole sections of my hubs, just to break up the monotony. Does that qualify as improper use of italics?

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