Many people avoid writing about sports on HubPages because typical sports articles are too newsy to be successful in the long run. That said, sports are actually splendid activities to write about! In addition to being fun to write about (not to mention search-friendly), chances are that you know one or two sports very well, and can therefore leverage your expertise.

The key is to write evergreen, helpful guides to sports explaining their background, the rules of engagement, and helpful tips on developing one’s skills and finding greater success.

If you don’t think you’re a sporty person, think again! You may know all the inns and outs of bog snorkeling, for example, or perhaps you’re an expert at thumb wars and toe wrestling, or maybe you’re well-versed on jousting etiquette.

If you’re concerned that your favorite sport is too mainstream for any of your guides to break through the competition, just go niche. If you really like football (as many do, right now 😉 ), you can always write a Hub on properly fitting protective padding and choosing good helmets, or perhaps you can share your tips on using wet fields to your advantage, getting started as a kid, or transitioning from a high school to a college football team.

We’ve made sports this week’s Weekly Topic Inspiration theme, and encourage you to join us in sharing tips, background, and explanations of your favorite sports. To join in on the action, create a Hub as an Answer to our Weekly Topic Inspiration question, and share what you’ve published this week’s Weekly Topic Inspiration forum thread, where you can also find additional tips, ideas for titles, and community support.

We hope you’ll join in on the fun!

[Photo (CC-BY-2.0) via Alaskan Dude on flickr]

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