Here at HubPages, we are constantly looking to improve Hub quality and ensure that high quality content is presented in the best way possible. Beginning in February, we will no longer allow banner images within Hub content that ask readers to provide feedback. These banners typically ask for up votes with low resolution images and unattractive formatting, as demonstrated in the example provided below.  The UI for Hub feedback is now clear and prominent enough to make such banners an unnecessary distraction to great content.

Beginning today, January 16th, Hubbers can provide us with the image URL from their photo gallery for their promotional banner, and we will can automatically remove the Photo Capsule with the banner in it without unpublishing the Hub. We will do this by the end of the month.

Please submit any feedback banner image URLs via this form.

On February 1st, any remaining images will be subject to moderation.

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20 replies on “Upcoming Change to Moderation Policy: Feedback Banners Disallowed

  1. This policy change doesn’t really affect me on a personal level, however, I’m glad to know that the HP team is continuously examining the site for improvement. I trust that all changes made in the policies are ones that have been discussed amongst a team and the pros and cons weighed out. Thanks for keeping everyone informed.

  2. I LOVE this move. Anything contributing to the sustained quality and professionalism of Hubpages gets my vote. Without bias, I have to say that Hubpages really is one of the top 3 article publishing centers on the internet. I have used a lot of them but am always drawn to HP. While the source is very professional, they still manage to find a way to keep the social aspect of it on point. I hope that the makers continue to strive to protect the integrity of the site. This move is absolutlely wonderful. Thanks, guys.

  3. I agree with the others here. I’m glad to see this change. I have read many fantastic hubs to get to the end and find one of these boxes, which is a bit of a disappointment. A quality hub doesn’t need to ask for a thumbs up. Let the viewer make their own choices. I’m glad to see HP get rid of them. I’ve always wondered why they were allowed.

  4. Good moderation policy. I don’t think its necessary to ask others to vote up your hub. If they like it they will do so automatically.

  5. I haven’t used a banner, but I too like the notice of upcoming change the ease for users to make the change. Bravo to HubPages. I’m loving it here. Very professional.

  6. I wouldn’t know how to make a banner if I wanted to. While reading Hubs containing banners, I always felt these banners were a distraction. The proof is in the Hub itself if I’m going to vote it up and leave comments. Thanks for doing this. When banners like these are used on Hubs, I feel like I’m being sold something. And I am usually turned off and move on.

  7. Nice decision. I ‘vote up’ this idea. I have not created any banner so far and will definitely never do. As usual, welcoming regulation from Hub Page.

  8. Just a quick clarification. I haven’t yet, but I’ve considered adding a TEXT note at the end of the hub, reminding readers to provide feedback. Will this still be allowed?

  9. Gosh..I didn’t even know about such thing.. 😀 Nice policy change!! 🙂 Even I feel asking people to vote the hub up is weird..but why do people do that? Pardon my ignorance. I’ve been writing here since past 2 years (still one hub left to complete my century), and I absolutely love writing at hubpages, but don’t know all these fundas much! You guys are doing great job BTW.. Kudos!! 😀

  10. Thanks Norah. I’ve never held the banners against anyone, but I didn’t like the idea of the ones saying “be sure to vote this up and share!”

    Nothing against anyone who’d been using those – I just thought that it made the work they did less attractive visually.

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