One of the most confusing subjects online is SEO. There are thousands of different so-called “experts” telling you to do thousands of different things. Some of these suggested tweaks are legitimate and truly helpful. Some are utterly useless. Some actually do damage (both to your prospects and to the general quality of content online).

Are you confused by it all? Don’t be. Listen in to this week’s podast in which we provide an Easy Guide to Keyword Research. You’ll find that with a bit of effort and good old common sense, you will have all of your bases covered when it comes to being found in search engine results.

This topic was suggested by Chelsea Langan on Facebook (thanks, Chelsea!!). If you would like to recommend a topic for a future Online Writing Insider podcast, send an email to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com!

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11 replies on “An Easy Guide to Keywords & SEO Research

  1. You’ve talked about ‘keeping it human’ in this podcast. That is probably the best basic tip when it comes to implementing keyword research into your writing.
    This podcast is going to help a lot of writers and give a better understanding of how to go about researching for keywords. Nicely done!

  2. I listened to the podcast. It was great listening. I use google keywords and I have found that it depends on your topic you write about that affects traffic. This podcast was very helpful. Thanks.

  3. l struggle to understand keywords etc.,
    Thanks for offering help.
    As for a podcast, l don´t even know what that is!!
    l would like to be more involved, if only l knew what l was doing??????

  4. I will agree that keyword research via Google is most effective when it’s directly relevant to your blog, but sometimes having your own movement (list building, social media utilizing SEO) has a great effect as well.

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