The HubPages community learned on Monday, with great sadness, that earnestshub, a HubPages member for 3 years, had passed away. A treasured member of the community, earnestshub had published 146 Hubs sharing his expertise and passion for automobiles, and had gotten to know a lot of us through his frequent interactions in the forums.

The outpouring of praise for earnestshub and sadness at our collective loss was immediate. Two Hubbers emailed and asked if there was another way those grateful to have known earnestshub could pay tribute to his warmth and wit, so we opened up a form for Hubbers to share their personal thoughts. Here are their eulogies, all sixty-three of them. (If you didn’t have the opportunity to submit a eulogy via the form, please feel free to do so in this post’s comments)


As a Hubber, it isn’t often that I am at a loss for words. Hearing that you are not with us anymore has stunned and shocked me. You will be missed by a lot of Hubbers, especially in the forums.
I celebrate the short time that I knew you, Earnest. Rest in peace, my friend. HubPages is a lesser place without you………jimmy


I found Earnest to be one of the nicest people I have met online. We joined HubPages around the same time. He was always so helpful and a lot of fun to talk to. I am so sad that HubPages has lost such a shining light, he will be missed for a long time.


He was a true car enthusiast and headstrong in his beliefs. I know from his many posts that his children and grandchildren were his life. Earnest, you will be missed!!!


I have had the pleasure of being in the same forums as Earnest many times since being a member. He was one of the most courteous and friendly Hubbers with a sense of humor and very helpful. He will be missed by many Hubbers.


Earnest, you were my closest ally here on HubPages. You inspired me to continue writing, to continue fighting, and to never give up as you never gave up. You were the best writer on HubPages. You are an inspiration to the future writers who come to HubPages. I will think of you always and remember your humour, your wit, and the many laughs we had about “Pinky & The Brain.” And the many times we had to apologize for hijacking threads. Though many people did not see eye to eye with you here on HubPages, I am sure they will agree that you were one of nature’s gentlemen and a great writer.

I will remember you always for the rest of my life. Your Friend Always,


Earnest was one of the nearest and dearest friends anyone could be to me. When I lost my mother, our dog, and my uncle, all in a matter of months, Earnest emailed me telling me to keep my head up and all would get better with time. Not only was he a friend across the miles, but he was a father figure that I no longer had. He was a friend, a confidante, and a wonderful writer. He will be missed on HubPages. He was one of the writers who was there from almost the very beginning and stayed through all of HP’s ups and downs. Non-judgmental to many, especially when we could prove ourselves and back up our words.

With love and gratitude,


Earnestshub, you were a great person, a good fan of mine and a great writer who inspired people on HubPages with positive information on motor vehicles. Five months ago, through this thread, you alerted us that they are coming to take you away…. And this time they just took you away never to let you come back.

Rest in peace, Earnestshub.Thank you.


To Family and Friends: I am so very sorry for your loss. I did not always agree with Hubber earnestshub, but he sure helped me clarify my own ideas and beliefs. He seemed to push for truth and I greatly respect that. He will be missed. God bless.

Jeff Berndt

Earnest was always clever, kind, and friendly, even when he disagreed with someone in the forums. I’ll miss him.


The passing of Earnest has affected me and many fellow hubbers very profoundly. He added a spark and life to our community that will leave a deep, lasting chasm. He was known for his wit, intelligence, strength and devotion to his family. He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. The HubPages community mourns this great loss.

My deepest condolences to his lovely family. We heard so many wonderful things about all of you. He made a very positive impact on so many lives, people you don’t even know. We will miss him terribly.

May he rest in peace,


So sorry . You will be missed.


Earnest got my jokes, often when nobody else did, and he always took the time to acknowledge me and others in a warm and genuine way. He will be remembered for kindness and humor.


Earnestshub is my first on-line friend who has died (to my knowledge, anyway). I will miss him and I wish I had known him longer. His humor and sharp intelligence was definitely something to be admired.


Even though I was never a mechanic, I really enjoyed reading everyone of Earnesthubs’s posts and Hubs on the topic. Whenever someone had a question about a car, I would send them off to Earnestshub. In fact, my last time was just last week. I am still in shock. Because he lived in Melbourne and I in Brisbane, he was one of the 1st to friend me here on HubPages shortly after he joined. I am still in shock, grieving at such a loss…


Ernest was so encouraging to me at the beginning of my HubPages journey. Hearing others say similar, I believe this was role he selected for himself. Ernest must be responsible for many staying on HP where they might have otherwise left. I enjoyed his mischievous presence on the forums. We approached topics from different angles. Atheism was important to Ernest, while my approach is spiritual although not conventional religious. However, we found, to our mutual delight that both of us were great fans of Carl Gustav Jung.


Earnest once told me about the loss of a loved one : “As long as you have your memories of him, nothing else matters”. Now I’m giving his wisdom back to all that are grieving for him.

He was doting grandfather, not only to his real grandchildren but to dozens of virtual grandchildren across the world. Whenever he saw pain, he reached out to fix it and his reach was very very long.

Goodbye Earnest. You will be missed.

Tom Cornett

He was one of my first friends on HubPages. He often commented on my Hubs….always with respect and dignity. A man that anyone could have a beer with. My deepest sympathies to his family.


Earnest was one of the last of the true gentlemen. I will admit to a slight crush on him from the time I started writing here. It wasn’t just his picture, although that was certainly handsome. His heart showed in his words. His love for his family and particularly his grandchildren was so evident. I woke up this morning hoping this was not true and it was all a terrible joke, but it breaks my heart to see it’s not. Wherever you are, Earnest, know that I thought you a true friend and won’t forget you. You were truly genuine and one of a kind. If you turn out to be wrong, 🙂 I’ll see you on the other side.

MPG Narratives

Earnest was passionate about life and his family and will be sorely missed by the readers and writers of HubPages. RIP Earnest, from a fellow Australian (from Sydney), Marie/MPG Narratives.


Earnest was a funny and highly intelligent person, although I never knew him in person, I felt as if I did. His contributions on the forum in particular were funny, engaging, and often highly amusing in the religious forums. He will be missed. Don’t drink all the Fosters!

Jyoti Kothari

It is difficult to believe that Earnestshub is no more. We cannot enjoy his great Hubs anymore. He was a great writer and wrote 146 hubs mostly on cars, his favorite topic. We shared many things during past years. Tribute to Earnest! May heaven bless him!

Brenda Durham

I’m so sad to hear about Earnest’s passing. I only knew him from HubPages, but will miss him very much! I hope he is at peace. May the Lord comfort his family and shorten their time of grieving.


Earnest, I am stunned at the news of your passing. Your kindness to new hubbers will always be remembered, as well as your obvious pride in your family. I can’t believe that you won’t be around HubPages forums anymore…you were, and always will be, a special part of HubPages…You always were a class act with me, and I will always remember you that way.

Rest In Peace, Earnest. You will be greatly missed.


I took a shine to earnesthub from the first day that I encountered him on the HubPages forum. He really was somebody that younger generations aspired to. I can’t recall a single bad word muttered about Ernest. Reasoned, logical, and coherent in debate, genuinely a HubPages legend. He can not be replaced and many, in fact most, will miss him dearly. RIP.


I for one will miss Ernest greatly. His warmth, sense of humour and kindness shone through, and the fact he is no longer with us is so terribly sad, and such a huge loss to us all. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, I felt like I knew him as a close friend, and he was always so very sweet towards me. RIP Ernest, HubPages will not be the same without you.


Earnest was a wonderful human being, and my few interactions with him proved that he had his heart and priorities in the right place. My heartfelt condolences to his family, may God grant them consolation and peace in this moment of grief. May his soul rest in peace. Love, sophie

Randy Godwin

Earnest was the first to welcome me to HubPages and to leave an encouraging comment on my first hub. I always enjoyed talking to him, as well as, “fighting the good fight” on the religious forums. LOL! I think even those he jousted with had to admire his spunk and wit during some of the heated religious debates. I think he felt the same about his opponents too.

The forums will never be the same without Earnest. Funny, even though he passed away over a month and a half ago, he was still alive to me until yesterday when I heard the news. Goodbye old mate!


Motivational. Humorous. An original. He will be missed.


Ernest (earnestshub) was one of the first folks I encountered here on HubPages. He and I were known to disagree on many things, but we always found common ground in treating others with love and respect. I had great admiration for him as a person, as a writer, and as a man whose love for his family shone in every word he ever spoke (wrote) in conversation. His vast automotive knowledge and skill in sharing it impressed me always, as did his genuine interest in, and love for life in general. Rest in peace, Ernest.

Lisa HW

The one thing that kind of stands out in my mind when thinking about Earnest is the funny forum thread around the time there had been that prediction that the world was going to end, with the “doom” coming from where Earnest was (Australia) and then heading for the US and Canada. Earnest took on the imaginary role of being “Our Man in Australia” as the date first became “The Date”, reporting on the thread that nothing was happening. It was silly, but funny. More seriously, his frequent mention of his grandchildren, and his willingness to help anyone who asked about car issues are things I think a lot of people will remember about Earnest.


For Ernest’s family,

Your father, your grandfather, definitely impacted the folks who write and interact on HubPages. Many, many will miss him, including myself. I have found myself thinking about him several times today. I think he would have been a cool man to meet in person.

I looked back at some of his writing today – it brought a smile to my face and of course a few chuckles when I read some of his comments and posts over the last short while. I truly hope his writing puts a smile on your face too. What was most apparent to me about your father, your grandfather, was that he was truly devoted to you, his family. He loved all of you so much. He had a big heart, didn’t he? He wrote about you, his family, many, many times. He was very proud of all of you. When you read this, I hope that you feel the warmth from my words.

Peace to you all……I’m “SomewayOuttaHere” (from Canada)


Earnestshub joined HubPages very much near the same time as myself. We had our differences but he was a very good writer and would help any new Hubber that truly wanted the help.He will be missed by many and I am sad to see this great brick in the HubPages wall leave us. RIP, my friend.


I never had the pleasure of knowing earnestshub, but he evidently touched a lot of lives here in HubLand.  He must have been a fine gentleman.  My condolences to his family.

Len Cannon

We weren’t particularly close e-buddies, but I knew every time I saw something from him it was worth my time to read. It was comforting to have someone intelligent you knew had good taste to follow.


Earnest was one of the very first to welcome me to HubPages, and one of those that added to much to my experience here.  Always helpful, always kind and always generous with himself and his time, my forum and Hub interactions with him were always most pleasant. Knowing of his love for his grandchildren, it always made me think of my own when I spoke with him.  We shared that, the great love for the little ones in our lives.
A final goodbye, Earnest, but know that although you have left us you absolutely will not be forgotten.  You left a great many friends on HubPages and memories last far beyond the grave.


Who could not help but love Earnesthub.  Agvulpes and Earnesthub were the first Australian hubbers I met on HubPages, and I always enjoyed their Hubs.  Earnest was a gentleman, and always had something helpful to share.  He will be missed.

Jane Bovary

I was so sorry to hear this news. Earnest and I didn’t interact very much but we did have some things in common – we were both sceptics and both from Melbourne. He was such a fixture in the forums and always entertaining. Earnest saw through much of the BS of life but most importantly, he was able to laugh about it. I remember his humour most. Cheers, mate.


It says something awesome about Ernest that people who agreed with him, people who vigorously and vehemently disagreed with him, and people who barely knew him, all loved him so very much.  He was a People-Magnet like no one else, the essence of a loving human being, and his love for his family was a source of enjoyment for everyone I know on HubPages.  It has been genuinely a privilege to know him, even if only in the virtual world, and I will miss him very, very much.

Denise Handlon

It’s hard to put into words what I am feeling in my heart.  I always looked forward to what comments he had to say, whether on a controversial forum subject, or within the context of a Hub.  His presence was unmistakable and valued. His absence has been obvious.  What he brought to the HubPages community will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences go out to his family.


I will always remember Earnestshubs for his sense of humor, his good common sense, and his compassion. I first met him in the forums, on a limericks thread, and was immediately taken with his sense of fun. He was always ready with a kind word for a friend in need. I looked forward to seeing his smiling face (avatar) pop up in a thread. He will be sorely missed.

Zsuzsy Bee

What I loved about Earnest was the great way he talked about his grandkids… Whenever we chatted Earnest always had only positives to say to me.  I will miss reading his comments and writings here on HubPages. How very, very sad to go so young. Sincere condolences to his family. May peace be yours always.


Ernesto and I were good friends on HP. We often chatted about grandkids, and he loved my recipes and cooking Hubs. He asked me several times if I would cook for him the next time he came to the States, and I told him I’d be honored to have him as a guest at my table.
Ernest and I didn’t agree on everything, but we always treated each other with respect. I loved his warmth and humor, and I will miss him terribly. HP has lost a wonderful member. RIP, Ernesto.


Would have loved for an opportunity to meet you in person since we lived in the same city. Alas that is never to be.The news of your loss has left, like many other hubbers, totally stunned.I will forever miss your colorful words and stories in the forums. From one Melbournite to another, miss ya mate!
Condolences to Earnest’s family & friends
Jason – Kangaroo_Jase

Marisa Wright

Ernest, what a pity you can’t know how deeply your loss has affected all of us at HubPages.  We may only have been online colleagues, but I feel as though I’ve lost one of my dearest friends.

logic, commonsense

Earnest never took himself too seriously, so he endeared himself to many.  He was irreverent to those who did and poked them mercilessly, which was immensely entertaining.  He was obviously very intelligent and talented judging from his Hubs and posts.  I admire the skill he had storytelling about his life as he was growing up.  I just never could figure out his banana fetish though! 🙂 It is a sad day to see him pass, but I will always remember the joy and laughter he brought to so many, myself included. Many have said “May he rest in peace”, but knowing Earnest, wherever he is, there’s probably not much resting, too many stiffs to tweak!

Susana S

Earnest was one of the first people to welcome me to HubPages. Though his welcome was virtual, he made me feel like he’d given me a big bear hug and passed me a nice cold beer 🙂 His warmth, love for his fellow man, integrity and sincere honesty shone through in what he wrote at all times. An outstanding man who had much to teach us all about being human.


I was shocked and saddened to hear that Earnest will not longer be active in the HP community.  Even though I never met him in person, I could relate to his forum posts, particularly the ones the religious forums, where he could be rather blunt and cheeky.  I took it as a great compliment if someone said I was ‘behaving like Earnest’


I came across earnestshub during my interactions with fellow Hubbers on forum. To me earnestshub was one of most rational thinkers which I have come across. He loved his family, especially his grandchildren, and he loved life. I am shocked to hear about his death. I never met earnests and now dont have any chance to meet him, but a few people don’t die, they remain alive in our hearts, and earnests is one of them. Will miss you, dear earnests…


HubPages not only lost one of its most prestigious writers recently, but it also lost arguably one of the best all around people to ever grace this site.  Although Earnest didn’t necessarily agree with everyone, and had his share of differences with quite a few Hubbers, he was ultimately a good man, one that even people that didn’t always see eye to eye with him could admit that he had a good heart.  Although this site will move on after this, I doubt seriously we’ll ever find another Hubber quite like him again.  However, he’ll always live on in our memories, as I only hope that his family and closest friends are handling this well, and may he rest in peace. Goodbye Old Friend, as I’ll never forget you.

Hollie Thomas

Earnest was one of the first hubbers I encountered here at HubPages. He could often be found in the religious forums, amongst others. His posts were always warm and friendly, even the heat of a debate, and he had a fantastic sense of humor. I think Earnest’s description of the great spaghetti monster in the sky will always make me smile, but there again, Earnest always had the ability to make me smile. I will miss him enormously, and my thoughts are with his family at this time.


A couple of years back, Earnest got all wordy on the Limerick thread – started by the wonderfully talented Paraglider.  The following exchange between Earnest and I is apt considering his passing:
I just found this sweet little thread
It reminded me that I’m not dead
If I had my way,I’d be rhyming all day
cos I talk from the back of my head.

Earnest, I think that you’ll find
Tis best to remember this rhyme;
When you’re dead and departed
You’ll find that you’ve started
At the end of a very long line.
An all round gentlemen, the world’s just that little bit colder for the loss of him.

Arthur Fontes

Earnest was an honest, family loving man.  His advice helped me through many problems.  I will still be looking for his comments.


Earnest, I can’t say much and what I can say wont be original. You touched the lives of far to many people for my gratitude at having known you and shared many a laugh with you to ever be original and unique just to me. There are many cyber friends out there who share my sense of gratitude and joy at having known you. You touched my life, you touched the lives of countless others and you are deeply missed! Thank you for being a friend.


Earnest once posted, when I barely knew him years ago now, that he liked me because he just never could know what to expect to come out of my mouth next.  Always funny and always at the oddest times.  I am glad I was able to share with earnest how much that acceptance meant to me when many didn’t get my humour.  Many nights since he always shared a few posts with me and some great laughs.  He was one of the proudest men I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Earnest never made anything feel virtual, and, yes, as I shed a tear, I pray their family reads this also to see how much he was loved.  But surely they already know that.  Earnest, thank you for everything you were and everything you will certainly always remain on HubPages.  Kiss


Thank you for the memories of sharing with us the gift of love – the love for the loved ones. I will always remember you as a sharp and a loving man.


A true gentleman, gone but not forgotten.


Earnest, I’m going to have to start posting in the religion forum just because you can’t anymore.  I’m going to miss seeing your posts, my friend.  At least now you know the truth of what comes after we die, whatever truth that is.

daniel carter

He made the world a better place. He challenged our thinking so that we might consider more than just the same old thoughts we’ve always had. Challenged our beliefs so that we might learn not to fear what we do not know.He was one of those that allowed all of us to become a better person, if we so chose to take that challenge. You are loved and missed, Earnest, my friend. Thank you for bringing so much good to my life. Love and kindest wishes to all your family and friends.


Ernest was a man who Gave
Far more than one who would give a moth light
He brought us into the warmth of his loving nature
Collected broken pieces of all those he cared about
And gave them back again fixed, proudly and well
With integrity and humility, a smile
Some we meet in life are very special
Some find beauty in every living thing
Some had the opportunity, like us
To be attracted to Ernest’s Light.
– may it never go out!
* Rob Pearldiver *


Although I didn’t get to know Earnest, I had read his funny posts and comments in the forums and he always made me smile.  He had a zest for life and he had always mentioned his grandchildren whom he loved dearly.  Earnest was an inspiration to a lot of hubbers, a true friend to many, and a worthy opponent to some.  He will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace, earnestshub.


I met Earnest in the forums.  Being on the same side of many debates, we fanned/friended each other.  I think we are about the same age.  We read and commented on each other’s Hubs.  He was always so supportive.  I found him to be gracious, genuine, gentlemanly, and charming.  I especially enjoyed his personal Hubs, with pictures of him and his family.  We talked recently on his Old Saabs hub.  We agreed it’s probably time for me to think about letting my old 9000 go.  I will never however let go of my wonderful memories of Earnest.  I am so shocked and saddened to hear of his passing.


Earnesthub had to be the first person I read on the forums. We discussed via text the Australian “Banjo Paterson” on many occassions, and earnesthub used to enjoy a limerick forum thread that he most certainly…must have enjoyed participating with. I remember seeing quite a few of his limericks on that thread, and joining into the thread with him…when he was on a roll!
He will be missed as a HubPages treasure….right along with them that knew him in other capacities. My heart is saddened by this news as seen on the Home page to HubPages when I first signed-on today. To his family and friends: I am truly sorry for your loss.
earnesthub showed us to just write and have a good time on here. He has left a part of himself with us for all time here….and for that I thank him…and wish him “Peace” in his next Journey of what lies beyond…the current Journey that we are all sharing…at this moment in time!

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31 replies on “Tributes to earnestshub

  1. I never spoke to him (on the forums); but after hearing the sad news, I went through some previous forum topics and read his views on various topics – I say 95% of them were in the religion category and some in automobile. My heartfelt sympathies to his family and the HP community.

  2. Earnest was one of my principal protagonists in the forums, quick of wit and fast to respond, slow to react, we trammelled and bustled and occasionally one of us may have thought we had won a point.

    But he was a friend to me, and despite our sometimes heated debates, I could only respect his position and intellect.

    His love of family was outstanding, and his whole persona was gentlemanly, albeit sometimes sharp with the written word, but never offensive.

    I will miss him greatly, and now understand why he did not reply when I wrote him off hub a few weeks ago, as I was missing his sharp barbs and witty commentary in the forums.

    I assumed he was on an extended ban!

    I guess he was in point of fact.

    I hope to meet him again one day in spirit, for whatever he said, he was one of the most entitled people I have met who should be qualified for eternity, if it exists for those who gave more than they took.

    Please don’t take his hubs down if you are his family, Earnest will live on in these forums and on HubPages, for he was an institution, and as someone said, being like Earnest is a compliment paid in the forums.

    I just wish I had got to have that beer with him.

  3. I am saddened to hear this news. I often commented on earnests hubs hubs and he commented on a few of mine. He will be missed here.

  4. Very sad to hear of Ernesto’s passing. Though I really did not know him personally, I believe we had an exchange or two over the past few years. I do know that he had a large presence at Hubpages. From all of the wonderful tributes, I can see that Ernesto was just the kind of member that makes Hubpages a great place to be….kind, loyal, encouraging, funny and inspiring. Our community has had a great loss.

  5. I didn’t know Earnest as well as some here, but I always enjoyed reading his intelligent and witty posts in the forums and admired his warmth and kindness. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his death, and hope his family will find some comfort in knowing how many other lives he touched. RIP, Earnest, we’ll miss you!

  6. I am very new here and did not have the honor to know Earnest. I am so sorry for this. We all wonder how we will be remembered by those in our lives when it is our time to leave this world. From what I have read, Earnest will be remembered by more people than most can imagine. People who may never have met him personally. This is such a wonder. Your beloved friend earnestshub must have been a remarkable man of great compassion and love.

  7. Ernest helped create a sense of Family here at Hub Pages. I am sure that he did this with his children and grandchildren also. I am sure that it is that sense of Family that will ensure Ernest lives on for many years to come… his energy is Still Here!

  8. To Jason Menayan and all the hard working team at HP HQ.

    I can do no more than comment and give thanks to all of you for your support in Head Office for doing such a thing as you have done here. It is above and beyond what is required for a content creation site, but what you and the others have done for Earnest, speaks volumes on a massive scale. I hope Earnests family have an opportunity to see the warmth, condolences and the coming together of the community for the well wishes for Earnest in his untimely passing.

    To every single one of you that interacted and called Earnest friend. You guys & gals rock.

    (Raises a glass) To Earnest. Husband, father, grandfather, friend, author. Rest In Eternal Peace.

  9. Earnestshub is a man who express his ideas and thoughts through his writing whether we agree or disagree with his opinion. One of his hub article he said that gold will leap again, I didn’t think it would be possible because in my eye, it reached an all time high.

    That was 5 months ago, now gold still rises. I wish I listen to Earnestshub and invest in some gold stocks and could have made a few extra dollar.

  10. Earnest befriended me a few weeks after I joined the Hubs, he commended me on my poetry, my younger life, fighting in the streets, abuse and living with the Irish, Scots, Italians and French. He knew the way of the streets and the hard times, we shared one particular hub together. He wanted my honest opinion of his behavior and the action he had to take to protect his honor.

    I gave him my honest opinion and he appreciated it. We shared some auto repair ideas and suggestions by him that I certainly valued and appreciated. Ernest was a prolific commenter in the Forums a place I rarely tread, he was a very feisty man, yet a man’s man for sure. I admired his tenacity and spunk and so did many others.

    He did not back down from his opinions and beliefs to any writer. He will be sadly missed by many, Earnest may you be in your element once more working on vehicles and protecting your honor. It was my honor to know you in the Hubs, I hope when my time is nigh that we meet and share a cold beer together somewhere in time. Peace and blessings to you my very articulate scribe.

  11. Well Earnest–you outfoxed me again! I was away from HubPages for quite awhile, and when I returned I found–to my great sadness–that you’ve gone away from HubPages for about as long as can be done. You were the first recognizable VOICE I heard when I started reading HP. Were it not for your acerbic wit and cutting criticisms, your demand for reason and thought and logic, I would have left the “Religion and Philosophy” forum to the monorails. but you were always there, putting their feet to the fire, but ALWAYS ready to listen, ready to discuss. I won’t say rest in peace, because somehow I don’t think that’s the kind of energy you’d want for this, the last adventure. Rather, I see you smiling at Dylqn Thomas’s lines on the death of his Father: “Do not go gentle into that good night/ Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. Rage on, good Buddy. As long as there are Believers and Atheists on HP, you will be remembered with deep respect and affection.

  12. Oh Ernest, I am so shocked to hear this sad news…. your bright, determined, yet respectful sticking to your guns, with the courage of your convictions, was like lubrication to this Hub. We will all miss your wisdom, myself included.

    Thank you for the gifts you shared with us.

  13. My heart bleeds for the loss of our beloved Earnest. He was a good friend and great supporter since the day I met him. I will miss you Earnest; especially the pop-in’s and the smile backs.

    May you find your journey light, peaceful and unfettered. Until our paths cross again, I shall miss you.

  14. I never really had a chance to meet our hubpage colleague here through the hubpages community. However by viewing all heart touching comments and eulogies left by other writers, I would have to say that this man was a very special person. This is an individual whom I would also have liked to know personally as a friend and not just as a writer. His articles were written with his audience in mind and were very useful and helpful in so many ways. His passing was untimely, especially for such a young man. I come from a small family, being an only child and I feel like a part of me has been lost in losing earnesthub. We are truly one big family here at hubpages and when we lose a member of our community, the whole family unit grieves as one. I am sure he is in the best hands that he could ever be in right now and my condolences also goes out to his family as well.


  15. He was the person who helped me, introduced me on HubPages. He was also my first follower. With that said, you’ll know how much I valued his courage to follow me even though I’ve published only 1 hub at that time. He was a friend and I’m really deeply saddened by this news. He is already missed.

  16. What a beautiful tribute to Earnest that I can feel as though I knew him by reading the heartfelt messages from those who had such high regard for this gentle man. My heart is heavy with sadness for all his friends who grieve the loss of this obviously beloved man.

  17. Thanks, Jason Menayan, and HP team for the great work you do. Most sincere. Though there have been differences of opinion at times, I do appreciate the good that HP brings to all of us, and the world. This is a grand gesture, this tribute to our mutual friend. Highly deserved, about a remarkable human being. To his family and friends, all kindest and best wishes.

  18. I appreciate Hubpages making these eulogies available. I saw his forums posts and know he valued opinions that were well thought out. Writing online may often seem fleeting and without human interaction. However, the many writers here on Hubpages and Hubpages as a team adds a strong human element and touch.

  19. It’s so lovely to read these messages for Dad. Dad so enjoyed writing for Hub Pages, and would frequently chat to me in the kitchen about his latest adventures online.

    The messages here describe my Dad so well, and it’s lovely to see that he connected with so many people in a meaningful way.

    Thank you all, and keep up the good work!

    Earnest’s daughter

  20. One of the good ones. Earnest managed to be a good friend, even from thousands of miles away. Obviously I’m not the only one who has been deeply impacted by his wit, intelligence, and good nature. To his family, my sincerest condolences. As I feel the deficit his absence leaves us who knew him through HubPages, I can only imagine what his passing has been like for you. Thank you, Earnest. You’ll not be forgotten!

  21. So very sad to hear of Earnest’s passing. We shared a few thoughts on here. I will miss his wit and humour. Rest in peace friend. You will be missed. x

  22. i am new to hub, and saw this, i want to send my condolences, and for ever more, more words and expressions of love, i am a writer and have lost, so i feel compared to share as a human being, Earnest is a name of truth


  23. It’s your birthday today dad, and 10 months since you buggered off out of your body and went to the stars or wherever you went. Thinking of you and missing you.

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