Were you a child in the 1960s… or ’90s?  Did you play Mystery Date or Electronic Dream Phone? You’re going to like this week’s podcast!

Inspired by melbel’s Hub onElectronic Dream Phone – A 90s Board Game for Girls, we’ve devoted this podcast to Dating Board Games.  In addition to walking you through each game, we discuss how the changes in dating board games over time are indicative broader changes in style, society, and culture.

Is there a contemporary dating board game (or general dating-themed game) that you think perfectly illustrates dating in 2011? Tell us about it by sending an email to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

With that, I’ll let you enjoy two vintage commercials for Mystery Date and Electronic Dream Phone. I hope you get as much of a kick out of them as we do!

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One thought on “Dating Board Games

  1. Hahaha! It’s actually a little disturbing how things like this were tolerated back then. I wonder what sort of controversy dating boardgames would create if one was released these days? I guess parents would be up in arms all over the place.

    Nice find!

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