Writer’s block is one of the scariest roadblocks a writer can encounter- and unfortunately, it is almost inevitable!  Luckily, writers make for creative problem solvers.

Pia Chatterjee wrote a post in her On Writing Well series sharing her favorite means of overcoming writer’s block some days back.  She got even more great writer’s block busting tips in comments, so we thought we would do a podcast on the subject!

Listen in to this week’s podcast (How to fight writer’s block) for a collection of our favorite means of bringing back inspiration.  We hope you enjoy it, and if you have a tried and true method for getting over writer’s block that we did not cover, tell us about it in an email! Just drop us a line at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

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One thought on “DESTROYING Writer’s Block

  1. Once you label this so-called “problem” as Writer’s Block, you will have Writer’s Block. Let’s put it this way. Professionals do not have blocks when it comes to their work and careers. Your surgeon does not have Surgeon’s Block as he operates on you. Your plumber does not have Plumber’s Block because you expect this person to perform a job that you are paying him for. Teachers do not stop teaching because of block. If you are stuck, do something else. Live your life and enjoy it. If your writing is so important to you, give yourself a break and allow yourself to return. Don’t give yourself a strict deadline for your return, and don’t spend your time worrying because X amount of words are not on a piece of paper. Yesterday, I answered a question from a Hubber who was asking about writer’s block. She was “curious” about it. My advice? Don’t even go there. It was very obvious to me that she was a beginning writer.

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