Writers may have a reputation for being solitary, reclusive beings, but that doesn’t mean that they should write in a vacuum.

Sites like HubPages offer great means of getting feedback on one’s work… but sometimes written comments from semi-anonymous readers are not enough. Sometimes even the most solitary beings require in-person interaction.  The problem with interacting with other writers is that they can be difficult to find! Many writers are hard to identify (they don’t have a uniform, after all), and more often than not, the more dedicated ones are at home writing and not outside networking.

That said, Pia Chatterjee put together a blog post a couple of days ago about various places where one can hunt for writers. The post was so popular that we thought we would make a podcast on the subject (How to Meet Other Writers). We hope you enjoy it!

If there is a place where you have found a high density of writers that was not discussed in this podcast, tell us about it! Just send an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com. We would love to hear from you!

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3 replies on “Where to Hunt for Writers!

  1. As a full-time writer and editor, feedback is crucial.

    Our company will edit your manuscripts, essays, short stories, auto-biographies–everything–at reasonable rates. We offer pure feedback of a constructive nature that helps you develop your skills as a writer, thinker and creator of modern art–yes, writing is a craft–the disrespected art.

    Best regards,

    Rand Zacharias

  2. One of the difficulties I find in networking with other writers (in person) is that there are “types” of writers. There are fictional writers, creative non-fiction writers, poets, essayists, journalists, etc… As a hubber, I’m really not sure which category to put myself in.

    Also, it seems that a number of meetup groups for writers are for novelists. It would be cool if I wrote novels, but I’m not really that type of writer. I don’t have to worry about character development nor can I find help in prompts.

    Any hints on finding writers who have a similar style of writing, who face similar problems in writing (finding keywords, article flow, etc)?

  3. Melanie, you the kind of writer after my own heart! I too would like to connect with writers who feel challenged finding the keywords, free software etc.

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