Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday in the entire year. All that unlimited eating and drinking, with the family gathered together around the table, with none of the stress around buying gifts and wrapping presents that accompanies Christmas… I must say there’s  nothing about Thanksgiving that I don’t love.

Except perhaps the planning. What to cook, how much to cook, how to accommodate my vegetarian brother-in-law; I can drive myself a little bit nuts during the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  I am sure that I am not the only one. So to help you in these next few days leading to the big Turkey day, here are Hubs that offer all the guidance you need.

First of course there’s the turkey. If you were planning on brining it this year, there’s no better resource than Marye Audet’s Hub, tellingly labeled How to Brine a Turkey! Already an expert on the brining, but need a bit of guidance on the actual cooking part? Who better than RedElf to help you! In the wonderful Hub, How to cook a Turkey, RedElf offers all the guidance she’s been saving for the day her son calls to ask for the recipe! Through her Hub, you get many years of wisdom, culled from many, many instances of cooking the thanksgiving fowl. But no, you say, roasting is so boring, you’ll be deep frying it instead? Well, please read Whitney05’s detailed Hub on the same topic, which includes some key safety measures and an equipment list.

But what about the vegetarians in your family? You had nearly forgotten about them, hadn’t you? Well, no more! Hubber Techygran will help you get this sorted with Vegetarian Turkey recipes. Like Marye Audet has got you sorted with a recipe for the all important pumpkin pie!

It’s not all about the eating and drinking, wonderful though it is. Thanksgiving is a time rich in history, as Chuck describes in his wonderfully researched Hub, aptly titled Thanksgiving.

Yet, of all the traditions surrounding Thanksgiving, my favorite one has to be the actual giving of thanks for all that we have received this year, and all that we are grateful for. For this, Hubber NaomiR has written a Hub on the top ten things she is grateful for, for which, I, for one, am most grateful!

[Image by D Sharon Pruitt / Pink Sherbert Photography on flickr]

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