When we began our search for poetry panel judges for this month’s HubPatron of the Arts contest, saddlerider1 was an obvious choice.  He is one of HubPages’ most popular poets, and both discovered his passion for poetry and honed his craft while on the site.  Since getting started, saddlerider1 has even published a collection of his poetry.

If you ever find yourself wondering if you will find your muse on HubPages, or perhaps try a new form of writing, you will find the following interview with this official HubPatron of the Arts poetry panel judge to be most inspiring. You might even come away with some insider tips that can give you a leg up in the contest!

When and how did you discover poetry?

To tell you the truth, I did not discover poetry.  It discovered me 19 months ago, when my Muse stepped out of the shadows and encouraged me to write. This took place after joining HubPages many months ago, after I stumbled upon a couple of poets: Rawlus and Wayne Brown. Wayne had decided to give poetry a go after he read Rawlus, and it was then that I opened my mind to Poetry as well, and my Muse stepped in. The rest is history here at HubPages, where I have accumulated many great followers and fellow writers. They have been my inspiration, my passion, and I am truly humbled by their encouragement to me to write, they saw something in my scribes that moved them, thus I picked up my quill and have not set it down.

You mention in your bio that you studied the arts and loved to draw and paint. Do you think these forms of expression are closely related to poetry or very different?

I truly believe that the Arts do contribute as a form of expression and can be very closely related in any form that we as the vessel care to show or express ourselves. I was given the opportunity to learn from a very artistic mentor, he introduced me to the fine arts and acting. I spent many hours in my bedroom as a teen drawing, painting and reciting plays that I was studying to take back to class with me and play that particular character at the playhouse. I suppose what I learned way back then remained in my heart and soul and helped with the way I express myself today in my poetry.

You also share in your bio that you recently published your very first book of poetry, called In Absinthia.  Could you tell us a little more about it

Well, the idea came from my editor. She is a very creative artist herself and she knows my style of prose and felt it was fitting to lend itself to what she created as my book title “In Absinthia.” My stuff reminding her of being written from the late nineteenth century; it has the echo to another time and place when artists frequented Paris, in absence of where they started out.

As someone who uses Twitter, do you think that the short format of a tweet is particularly conducive to poetry?

I can’t really answer that question, I used Twitter as a poet only to reach out to other Poets and writers and to link them back to my own site and it works, I don’t short tweet any of my poetry, I use it simply to attract new friends and I love to retweet their tweets and they appreciate that to.

When you create a poem, is there any particular editorial process that you go through?

Yes there is. Many a scribe has found my waste paper back in the corner of my library. I am my own worst critic, yet there have been pieces I have salvaged from the trash, re-worked, and found a place for at a later time. I hate to throw my thoughts away. As far as actual editing goes, thank goodness I have a very fine editor whose command of the English language I applaud.

As a judge on the poetry panel of the HubPatron of the Arts contest, what will you be looking for in entries?

Creativeness, breath, heart and soul. I am not so much stuck on rhyme as opposed to flowing prose. Words that reach out and touch my soul and make me feel what they are trying to convey to their reader is very important to me. I want to feel their passion, see and feel the tears if it’s a heart wrenching scribe. I want my heart to beat a little faster as I devour each word they pen. I want to feel the artistry and see it on the page. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so. A poem has to stir something in the reader.  If the reader feels nothing, then the poem is meaningless. So I will be looking for a combination of all these artistic expressions. Joy, Love, Sadness, excitement, passion, soul, tears, earnestness, beauty, ugliness, colors, shadows, death, life… and more.

What advice do you have for aspiring poets on HubPages- and beyond?

I would encourage them all to not lose sight of their passion or goals. Keep writing, keep writing, follow your dreams. Never give up and never listen to a negative thought from a person who may say “you have no talent” don’t listen to Nay sayers. Follow your heart and listen to your soul and write from the pit of your gut. Take a deep breath before you begin to write, choose a peaceful, quiet setting, close your eyes and let your Muse speak to your soul. Then, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE….

[Thanks, saddlerider1!]

For more information on the HubPatron of the Arts contest, visit the official contest page.

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18 replies on “How saddlerider1 Found His Muse: An Interview with a HubPatron of the Arts Contest Judge

  1. Great interview. I agree that we (writers) are our own worst critics too. And I love to see what writers can evoke with words – it’s fascinating. Congrats on finding your muse!

  2. I follow saddlerider on hubpages and twitter. I’m his friend on facebook. I also read his blogs, I have even downloaded poetry podcast from his website. (I must tell you he has a sweet voice) Though it is harder to choose his best works, Ripple Faces is the poetry I will never forget. Thanks for this inspirational interview.

  3. I enjoyed this Bio about Saddle Rider. Very interesting as well as informative information on how he started out as writer and poet. And to add how he eventually discovered hubpages to expand his writing career. I am currently a follower of his and even though I mainly write fiction and non-fiction articles. After reading this Hub about this writer and reading some of his poems I now am inspired to try a go at poetry. Thank you for the great read.


  4. Hi Saddle…I enjoyed your interview and getting to know you a bit better. I agree you were an obvious choice:)

  5. Thank you for the interview saddlerider1. Being one of the contest judges is a great honor and must be fun, although I acknowledge the time commitment . I love reading these interviews and getting to know Hubbers better. I agree with your advice to “write, write, write.” Nothing else can take the place of experience. Thanks for sharing yours. Regards, Hyphenbird.

  6. Great interview, Ken! It’s always interesting to see where someone got started on HubPages, and began to find their muse! Great to know HubPages has such good taste 😀

  7. Saddlerider1, “I hate to throw my thoughts away” too. It is sometimes hard to do til I have removed myself and come back at a later time. Often ‘time does not make words grow fonder”. ;>)

    Glad to read about you here. And…I’m a little jealous but won’t admit it! I’m still just on my journey of discovery and glad to have met you here on HubPages!

  8. Wonderfully inspiring interview with one of the great poets on Hub Pages. I was shocked to learn that Saddlerider has only been writing poetry for 19 months. I agree that great poetry should make the reader feel emotions. I also agree that it’s helpful to keep previous drafts and continue revising them. Sometimes when you revise one thing you find that another thing previously written now works.

  9. I can’t believe you only started writing poetry 19 months ago. Your work is so powerful, it’s as if you have been writing forever. I just love your work.

  10. I personally can’t think of a better writer on hubpages than Ken, What I like about him and his style is his ‘connectiveness’ to others , always one to share a comment , encouragement and share compasssion! First impression ? A friend to everyone , especially the beginners who show up here with pen in hand and heart on thier sleeve! Congratulations Ken ! And thank you !………:-}

  11. Saddlerider1 is a humble friend fo mine and always gives credit to others for his success. The fact of the matter is that he always had that energy, that talent there inside and some of us just helped him to let it out. One only had to read some of his early stories of childhood to feel the emotion in his words…poetry became the conduit to express the emotions which stories could not. Poetry peeled away the skin and showed the raw flesh as it was and the pain and exhilaration which accompanied it. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing someone discover that within themselves and let it bloom forth to share with all. Ken has done that quite well and I applaud his success and his friendship. You could not have picked a finer, more insightful judge for this contest. WB

  12. I want to extend a big thank you to those of you who found the time to leave me these wonderful comments. I know so many of us are busy running our lives and I am humbled by all your kind words. First and foremost I must say that without you all here to inspire and encourage me to go on.

    I would not have been able to scribe the way I do. My Muse has been beside me all the way and still comes out of the shadows to intimidate me to write. Sometimes I hide in my cave for days and then come out recharged with another page of my life experiences and past. I so much enjoy writing at the Hubs and to all those writers who hesitate to join, don”t be shy, many of us are beginners and have found our pen and voice here.

    Yes there will be some nay sayers and they will come and go, but stay focused on your course as a writer and believe me you will learn from many talented contributors here at the Hubs. It’s a fine place to get started and hone your writing skills. Good luck to all and again I am honored to know so many of you. Peace and blessings to you and yours always.

  13. Ken is such a gift to hubpages. He not only is talented beyond belief but he is so kind to many. I am so thankful to have met him and know we are better for knowing him. He has a heart that is true and gentle..Thank you for letting him shine.

  14. I just want to add my tuppence worth here. Great interview, and in it I recognised a true passion and talent; knowing where the art of writing comes from. I just want to extend my thanks to, as Saddlerider1 was one of the very first people to embrace me here, one day in only and he came to look at my hub with wonderful comments, and to offer guidance and assistance and encouragement about the site in general, as well as leaving some lovely compliments. It truly is a pleasure to meet people like this here. And having read a number of his pieces, all I can say is that I don’t think I have ever enjoyed poetry quite as much… I don’t write nor do I normally read poetry, but I’m certainly taking SOMETHING away from this most wondrous prose.

  15. I am so honored to know Ken and thankful for the special friendship he has given to me and so many. Talent flows through his veins. Thank you Ken for sharing your gift!

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