It is very exciting to see a Hubber in the news and even more exciting to hear one speak (after all, we only have writing and avatars to go by). For this reason, we’re particularly pleased about a recent radio program in which Stephanie Hicks (aka stephhicks68) was interviewed.

Last week, stephhicks68 was interviewed by Bill Baker on Inside Public Oregon (a weekly public affairs program) about how HubPages has become an interesting alternative to those who are looking for a creative way to make money in the midst of higher unemployment and a lot of economic uncertainty. It is rather inspiring!

Stephhicks68 also shares how she has used HubPages as a place to develop her writing, get feedback on her work, and earn a supplementary income. If you’re just starting out on the site, this interview might give you some ideas on how to follow in the footsteps of a very successful Hubber.  If you would like to listen in, we’ve included the segment below.

Props to stephhicks68 on the great interview!

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