We created the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast series to better highlight the talented and fascinating writers that can be found in our community.  Laura Spector is one such fascinating expert, and in addition to writing several fascinating Hubs on her work as an artist, she and her collaborator Chadwick Gray were willing to share more about their work in person- that is, they recorded a fascinating interview revealing their artistic process for this week’s podcast!

Listen in to this very special episode to learn about the Museum Anatomy project – a collection of documentary photographs of historical paintings that Chadwick and Spector have re-created on the human form. Spector and Chadwick offer fascinating firsthand accounts of their artistic experiences, explaining what it was like selecting paintings to reproduce, creating individual pieces, and developing their creative process in new ways.

If you do not have time to listen to the interview, check out Laura Spector’s Hubs on the project:

You can also find a complete gallery of work on Chadwick and Spector’s website, if you’re curious to see more of the photographs they refer to in the interview.

It is wonderful to get this sort of behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of these award-winning artists, and we hope this podcast inspires you to re-think the way you approach your own art and that by other people- be it photography, painting, sketching, performance, poetry, or prose.

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