As you may have read in Paul Edmondson’s previous forum post on the topic, eBay is going to be available to many of you shortly. We have always cared deeply about the ability for Hubbers to earn and are looking forward to seeing how this enhanced earning privilege will allow Hubbers to earn more. We greatly appreciate the feedback you shared. The FAQ answers most of the questions that were asked in the initial thread, from reporting questions, to what happens if you already have an eBay Partner Network account. Many more Hubbers will now have access to the program which we think is a great opportunity for lots of you!

The process will be simple. Sign-up for the HubPages Earnings Program (if you have not done so already) and select the “eBay Program”. HubPages will process your program application with eBay and confirm once you are approved. Then you can add relevant eBay capsules to your Hubs. The program will track referrals from your Hubs that lead to transactions on eBay. You will accrue into your HubPages Earnings Program balance from this activity, based on the amount and quality of clicks from your Hubs .

You will hear from us next week to announce that the program is open.

Please note that we’ve renamed the HubPages Ad Program to accommodate the eBay Program and possibly other affiliate programs down the road. The overall mechanism by which you earn and are paid by HubPages is called the HubPages Earning Program. Under the HubPages Earning Program, there are 2 programs currently: the Ad Program (HubPages Ad Program), and the eBay Program. We broke it out this way so you can see your earnings by program.

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7 replies on “Update: eBay Earnings Directly Through HubPages

  1. I went to sign up and was disappointed to learn “Unfortunately, eBay has changed the terms of their affiliate program and you will not be approved unless you operate a site on it’s own domain. Do not bother applying using your presence on HubPages.” I had thought since we have the sub-domains, we would be able to sign up. Apparently not. Thanks though, for always working to improve and help us HubPages. Your efforts are appreciated very much.

  2. I think that this is great!! I am also, very excited about the poetry,poems,creative writing.I have lots of poems already!! THANKS !!!

  3. I have tried signing up independently (by completing the application directly on eBay) and get to the last step, then never hear back from eBay. Will there by a way for us to follow up or check to see if we have a current approved account?

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