What is evergreen content? Here’s a hint- it doesn’t actually have anything to do with trees.

Listen in to this Online Writing Insider podcast (All About Evergreen Content) as Robin Edmondson and Yours, Truly offer the lowdown on evergreen content.  We cover a simple explanation, examples of evergreen content- as well as examples of non-evergreen content- and also talk about various types of evergreen content.

After listening, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to create good evergreen content of your own. You’ll also have some helpful insights on how to write evergreen content that is more likely to succeed and gain more readership as weeks, months, and even years go by!

If there is an online writing issue or subject you would like to see us cover in a future podcast, tell us about it! Send your ideas, comments, and feedback in an email to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

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8 replies on “All About Evergreen Content

  1. How interesting. This is a whole new view of residual income producing Hubs. We-I-often write emotionally which can become deciduous, or even dead, tomorrow. Evergreen content is a whole other animal. This has helped me a lot. Thanks so much, Hyphen.

  2. Great podcast! I’ve heard the term tossed around and had kind of a vague idea of what I thought it meant… and I was a little off! Thanks for the information. 🙂

  3. I always enjoy the podcasts, and while I was listening to this one I went to my accounts to see which of my Hubs get the most daily traffic (in one case, over 900). It looks to me like they’re all Hubs that were written a few years ago. In fact, it looks to me as if I was doing something right back then, and am doing something very wrong in more recent days. I know that what’s really happening (especially with the kind of things I write about, which aren’t the “big, latest, search words” when I write them) is that the evergreen stuff eventually ages and gets its traffic.

    I know that if I did some things a little differently I could get more traffic to some of that kind of Hub sooner, but I’m kind of happy to have 2008 Hubs bringing in (apparently) more and more traffic today. The “investment” concept is a good one to keep in mind.

  4. Hubbers shouldn’t underestimate the earning potential of hubs with a short lifespan, I’ve earnt a fair bit of money from hubs which were dead within a month. I’m taking about $80 or $90 for a half an hour post which was produced to take advantage of a trending topic. It’s not always easy to identify evergreen titles either, sometimes products remain the same and terminology changes. More people now search for ‘laptop cooler’ than for ‘notebook cooler’, it wasn’t the case 2 years ago when more people searched for ‘notebook cooler’ than for ‘laptop cooler’…. that’s one example that I can give. The products remain precisely the same,the language somehow evolves. Short term topics can be very low competition too, I think that there is room for both types of content in an online strategy, in fact many bloggers use posts about trending topics to drive traffic to their most important and most established website pages.

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