Want to impress your friends with fun movie trivia? Listen in to our Fun Movie Trivia podcast as Jason and I cover some of the most interesting movie myths, facts, and what-ifs that are debunked, shared, and explained in a series of cinematic Hubs by Robwrite.

Robwrite is one of the best film experts on the site- his movie Hubs are packed with fascinating insights, facts, debunked myths, and all sorts of other interesting and delicious tidbits. We only covered a few of the movie facts Robwrite shares in this podcast. To see all of them, check out the original articles:

Have you ever met a famous person before? Or do you have a Hub or subject you think we should cover in a future Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast? Tell us about it by sending us an email at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com!

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2 replies on “Fun Movie Trivia

  1. This was fun to listen and read. I am an old movie buff but still appreciate good current ones and love trivia. I did read some of the Hubs linked above and highly suggest them to everyone.
    These podcasts are great and offer great Hubs that one might never find other wise. Thanks!

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