Online Writing InsiderOn last week’s Online Writing Insider post, Lisa Beaman commented that she was unfamiliar with bounce rates and would like a bit more information on them.  Though the actual rates fluctuate a great deal and vary widely by topic, format, and website, we can definitely give some advice on how to lower them, so we made this week’s Online Writing Insider on How to Lower Your Bounce Rate.

Thanks for the suggestion, Lisa! And if you have any recommendations for future podcasts, feel free to send us an email! Just pop ideas and requests over to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

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5 replies on “How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

  1. I am trying to listen right now but Barbra Streisand is on PBS and keeps distracting me. But I will get through this informative Hub tonight. It is very interesting and I appreciate the effort that goes into these.

  2. I listened to the entire podcast. It really is wonderful and chock full of information. I had not really thought about the bounce factor before. Now I know ways to keep my visitor at my Hub. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Simone! I really appreciate you taking the time to create an entire podcast to my question! That was very helpful in understanding what the bounce rate is and how to lower it. I had an idea of what it was, but I was never sure if high was good and low was bad or vice versa. Now I know that lower is better, I can keep an eye on my bounce rate and watch the trends.

    What would a good bounce rate be in your opinion?

    1. Lisa – It entirely depends. If your Hubs are similar in terms of topic and depth, you should check to see if your bounce rate has gone up, down or stayed the same over time. If your bounce rates are going up, then I’d follow the advice Simone and Robin mention in the podcast. – Jason

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