Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThe Ouija Board has been used for ages to communicate with the great beyond.  But for how long has this mysterious implement been in use? Where did it come from? Listen in to this week’s podcast (The History of the Oija Board) to find out!

The Ouija Board – A History, the Hub by kentuckyslone which forms the basis of this podcast, is an enjoyable and informative read.  It even includes some fun polls where you can weigh in and share your opinion on the evil connotations that have come to be associated with this spiritual board game.  Be sure to check it out!

We’d also love to hear about your experiences with the Ouija Board- whether you used it, whether you think it is legit, and if you have communicated with any spirits using this curious tool.  We are also taking requests for future podcast subjects.  Send your stories and suggestions to podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com!

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7 replies on “The History of the Ouija Board

  1. Isn’t it ouija?

    I’ve never played my grandmother scared me into believing the devil would possess me if I played lol.

  2. I’ve actually written about this before. The Ouija Board is actually down to a psychological phenomenon known as ideomotor movement, it’s similar to the fundamental law of attraction.

    Basically in a group setting, suggestions are used to make you believe you are contacting the dead and all participants are asked to take it seriously and to ‘will’ the Ouija Board to work.

    What this does is cause the participants to hold the idea of the glass moving in their mind which causes them all to subconsciously make tiny movements without them being aware that are even doing it. If a name has been previously suggested, whether directly or subliminally, then the glass will seemingly move of it’s own accord to spell out that name.

  3. Yes, My family and I have played it more than once. The game is real and it is a portal to a different world. I wouldn’t recommend it to kids though. What you do with it is the question.

  4. I love it when people say the Ouija® Board works through the “psychological phenomenon known as ideomotor movement.” How do they know this? Because someone told them. They may have read it somewhere. Since it sounds ever so scientific, by gosh, that must be the explanation. When someone comes up with a NEW scientific sounding “explanation,” what then? The science worshipers will find themselves either fighting among themselves, as history shows always happens, and the dilettantes shall find themselves stuck in place like the proverbial mule between two equally fetching bales of hay. I have conducted experiments (which is more than most people have done, despite their “knowing” how the talking board works). One of my tests involves a talking board with a spinning wheel. The results have been fascinating! And since a wheel is sent spinning, there is minimal contact with the questioner. Yet full, meaningful and completely correct answers arise. Stick that in your psychological phenomenon known as ideomotor movement…
    (I also love the way the word “portal” invariably shows up in these discussions; a word that people NEVER use in any other context. Monkey see, monkey do is the operative principle here)
    Looking forward to hearing your podcast.

  5. I beleive in this ‘tool’ I had many expieriences with it as a kid and teenager. I would not suggest it as a toy for young kids etc. Basically it is a means of contacting the subconscience mind for which the subconscience has no conscience. I also do believe in this as a future possibilities. A friend of mine was told once that her daughter would have a hole in her heart. Well, she didnt beleive in these boards and low and behold, she gave birth to her daughter who did have a hole in her heart as well as it was turned the wrong way etc. Whats the chances of this really??? She didnt say anything to the dr’s because she didnt believe it…….Scary things can happen with these boards and should be used with caution. I use to have a huge interest in the occult world ( I still do) however I have learned not to mess with it much if at all.

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