Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsThat is the question…. addressed in an awesome Hub by michelleonly3 titled To Wed or not to Wed- Making the Biggest Decision of Your Life.  The Hub is, as michelleonly3 puts it, a brutally honest discussion of the issue that both Marina Lazarevic and Yours, Truly found to be very insightful.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (To Wed Or Not to Wed) as we discuss the marriage issue and review the wrong reasons why people get married.  We also delve into some of the modern issues confronting the concept of marriage, and, of course, talk about the right reasons to get married, too.

Did you ever get married for the wrong reasons? What is your personal way of telling if one is really ready to marry?  Let us know what you think about the decision to “take the plunge” by sending us an email! We may very well discuss it in our next podcast.

We’d also love to hear your suggestions on future podcasts, so send those our way too!  HubPages is filled to the brim with fascinating guides and amazing advice, and we want to share the best of the best!

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4 replies on “To Wed? Or Not to Wed?

  1. Great advice for those about to “leap” into a world that they know nothing about. Thanks for doing this story. Hope it will help the young people to just STOP, THINK IT THROUGH, and then DECIDE. Kinda like waiting for a train to pass before you drive across the tracks.

  2. Marriage is a holy union of two minds and soul. in marriage both partners r required 2 b honest and understanding. but wen 1 partner becomes selfish. disloyal, dishonest then things turn sour. extramarital affairs r the ugly face of a broken marriage. so before taking the big desicion only think, r u ready 2 leave your vices.?

  3. Wed is very nice thing if promise to do every things with mutual interest to success the wedding. To achieve such a goal needs enough passion by both partners,
    As far as my experience is concern. it is very difficult for the two person to live under one roof. Passions , tolerance , faith to sustain a
    good atmosphere in the family is very difficult in this modern world.
    Naturally the alcohols and the modern devices are playing a big roll
    to damage the wed life. That’s why, the percentages of divorces are extreme high and expensive. So not to wed is my choice.
    But I prefer intimacy with full responsibility, if the baby is on the way.

  4. I am against marriage.
    when I watch the statistic . The rate of divorce have been increasing very fast. The reasons are selfishness, dishonesty, disloyalty or mostly affairs with other women and men. Alcohol play a horrible roll towards distraction.
    when people continue to live like girl friend or boy friend, living separately in their own houses. Every one has his own income. Life is going wonderful.
    Suddenly the girl friend becomes pregnant. No choice. Situation compel to marry. No matter you want or not. Mostly no question arise for abortion.
    As long as the thing not to be possessed, always respected . When it becomes your own. Slowly it becomes boring. Due to this boringness. The subconscious mind of both partners awaiting for a surprise. Conflict will increase rapidly on small or meaningless things. Conscious mind bring the situation to get a men or woman,those who are awaiting a surprise. Get to know new man or woman. Conflict will be started and the result will be in the form of divorce. Alcohols help rapidly to proceed aggressive way to express the choices . No matter a partner feel pain or marital life will be in danger or children will be effected.
    Financial problem also the root cause in marital life which pushes towards divorce.
    So, I prefer to live alone and keep a girl friend or boy friend. It will survive and life going to be wonderful.

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