Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsOne thing I love about the Hubs on HubPages is that many introduce me to new points of view, histories, cultures, and traditions. Native American Indian Berdache Tradition by Southern Muse does all of those things, hence Jason Menayan and I had to do a podcast on it.

Have you heard of the berdache, or two-spirit tradition before?  It is a practice that was adopted by many Native American cultures across the continent, and it basically entails the adoption of a culturally defined social role that is associated with the opposite sex.  For example, a two-spirit person born as a male might assume the cultural role (activities and dress) of a female.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (The Native American Indian Two-Spirit Tradition) as we discuss this tradition, its various facets, and its historical and modern implications.  It just might change your perceptions of gender and sex altogether!

What are your thoughts on the two-spirit tradition? Or on European-inspired gender roles?  Do you know of an equally interesting and well-written Hub that you would love to have us feature in a future podcast?  You should send us an email sharing your thoughts! We’d love to build your ideas and feedback into future podcasts.

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3 replies on “The Native American Indian Two-Spirit Tradition

  1. this is great!!! I am writing a book on just this topic .. podcasts to follow on my website .. watch this space

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