Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsIn this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts, I am joined by HubPages designer James Edmondson.  As informal HubPages podcasting tradition has it, whoever joins me gets to pick the Hub we discuss, and James suggested we do one of my own, so for the first time ever, we’ll be discussing a staff-written article!

Don’t worry- it’s an interesting one.  In this podcast, James and I discuss How to Make People Uncomfortable.  From disturbing and disconcerting faces to costuming and behavioral tactics, we have you covered on the art of intimidation and creepiness!

If you want to read the original Hub, go on ahead, though I recommend listening in instead. You just might discover how making other uncomfortable enables you to reach your highest potential!

Are there any Hubs you’d like to recommend for a future podcast, drop us a line.  In the meantime, happy Hubbing!

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3 replies on “How to Make People Uncomfortable

  1. This is so interesting, although I really don’t feel comfortable doing it myself. I just would rather ignore people all together. Saves me the stress and time.

  2. Interesting tactic, in the right situation tho, (e.g. someone talking directly at you) ignoring people could make them quite uncomfortable too!

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