We like to note important milestones here on HubPages, like our billionth Hub view and our millionth Hub. Milestones help remind us that we’ve come a long way as a large online writing community. One feature, our Answers section, has paired askers with answerers for the last few years, and we’ve hit an important milestone with respect to it recently: we’ve had 100,000 Questions published.

There are a few things worth noting about HubPages Questions:

  • About a year and a half ago, we saw an inflection point which put the number of new Questions on a new trajectory. That new rate has sustained since.
  • About 1/6 of Questions get moderated.
  • Each Question yields an average of 2.5 Answers and Hubs.
  • Lots of great Hubs are inspired by Questions, including Lisa HW’s How to Get Over an Abusive Relationship and Marye Audet’s How to Install Landscape Pavers. Many Hubs written in response to a Question have been, like these, great for traffic for those Hubbers who published them.

We hope 100,000 Questions is just one of many impressive milestones for the Answers section!

Feel inspired to ask a Question or try your hand at answering any of them? Visit our Answers section and have a go!

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2 replies on “Milestone: 100,000 questions asked on HubPages

  1. I think there is too much information packed into the lone word “moderated.” I searched the site to make sure it means the same thing here that it does in other HP contexts. I think it might communicate better if the second bullet were stretched to:
    About 1/6 of Questions get [b]rejected by a staff moderator.[/b]
    Or perhaps the blue legend on the graph could change “Modded” to “Rejected by HubPages.” There are many creative ways to say this without jargon.

    I like this series of statistical analyses. Keep it up!

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