We are pleased to announce that the HubPages Ad Program, first announced in late February, is now available to all Hubbers, ahead of schedule. Now all Hubbers with active Google AdSense accounts can participate in the HubPages Ad Program and tap into an additional income stream from their Hub traffic.
What is the HubPages Ad Program?
The HubPages Ad Program incorporates an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners that will run alongside the Google AdSense ads on your Hubs, as well as any Amazon or eBay capsules you use. Most of these ad partners are premium ad networks and agency networks that work only with the largest online publishers, so the HubPages Ad Program gives Hubbers access to the types of high-quality online ads that are usually out of reach for small publishers. Additionally, you will be able to share earnings from directly-sold advertising, which HubPages is presently working to secure.
How much can I expect to earn?
Your earnings are ultimately dependent on the amount and quality of the traffic to your Hubs, much like your AdSense and Amazon earnings are. Our first group of beta users saw an average increase in earnings of over 50%, but each Hubber is different. The HubPages Ad Program will typically depress your AdSense earnings, but that loss is more than made up for in HubPages Ad Program earnings.
What’s required?
You must have an active Google AdSense account associated with your HubPages account, you must have an active PayPal account (PayPal is the only disbursement method we use for payment), and you must fill out the necessary tax declarations, regardless of your country of citizenship or residency. We pay out monthly when you reach a $50 threshold via PayPal.
You can find answers to other frequently-asked questions about the Program on this page.
We hope you find the HubPages Ad Program a beneficial one for your earnings!
To sign up, please click the configure button for the HubPages Ad Program under your Affiliate Settings (under Earnings): click here.
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44 replies on “HubPages Ad Program: now open to everyone!

  1. Linda – we encrypt all this sort of data, and layer in a secondary set of security questions in order to be able to reset this information.

  2. Why has the HubPages Ad Program completely eliminated my AdSense earnings, since 1 April? That loss though maybe replaced by HubPages Ad Program earnings, without ANY income into AdSense, won’t it jeopardize my keeping my AdSense account? Won’t Google discontinue my AdSense account after 2 months of zero income into it? Will this then cancel my HubPages Ad Program account, too?


  3. Are all the ads that are posted from US based companies or are they global (or even local to other countries)? I think a lot of my readers are outside the US so I may not benefit from using this so much if the ads just focus on US companies.

  4. Even though HP was planning to open this Program to every hubber before June 2011, now it is advanced well ahead of schedule. So, again HubPages has proved it is always on the beneficial side of any hubber.
    Thank you, Jason, for announcing this today! Great surprise to one and all hubbers, including me!!

  5. Kathy – I’m afraid only Google can help you with that.

    Deidre – You can check with Google to see if no activity would result in your AdSense account being shut off.

    LS – Yes. Please go to My Account > Earnings > HubPages Ad Program

    Azure11 – They are global, but US visitors are generally the most valuable in terms of eCPM.

  6. I have linked my paypal but completely lost with the tax – whatever – side of things, I’m afraid for us non experienced writers outside of the states it doesn’t appear too straight forward, or is it me?

  7. Hey There,

    Are you planning to give us option for Enabling HP Ads for individual Hubs.

    Enabling HP Ads killed out my whole Adsense earnings and there are certain Hubs that is performing very good with Adsense and I don’t want to risk losing Adsense income.

    If you would like to enable this option I will be back to HP Ads.

  8. It’s a shame you still need an Adsense account to join, seems a little redundant to me. I had hoped it would be a good option for those who are struggling to get Adsense accounts approved or set up. My boyfriend is still waiting after more than a month…..

  9. swb64 – Please read through the wizard very carefully again. There are just a few questions you need to confirm.

    BloggerDollar – No, we do not have plans for by-Hub toggling at this time. If, overall, you’re earning more via AdSense than through a combination of AdSense and HubPages Ads, then you should disable HubPages Ads.

    Terri – We do this because we do serve up Google ads via the Program, and Google does not want anyone to have a “backdoor” to AdSense without getting their express approval.

    Kristie – It might be a temporary glitch on Google’s end. I would wait a few hours and try again.

  10. I like the program (I’ve had it since the first wave, I believe) and it certainly adds a bit to overall earnings per hub. Thanks, HP!

  11. ikechi – Then, unfortunately, you can not participate in the Program. PayPal is the only disbursement method we use.

  12. Why does everything have to go through google? I have not written a hub in over a year because everytime I get my adsense account up Google comes up with a new requirement and disables my ads. I do not like posting my social security number over the internet is there another way?

  13. Hi all,
    Can I use my Hubpages Website into Google Adsense to register their requirments.Feedback.Thanks

  14. it’s good, we appreciate hubpages ads but for the payement =
    you only use Payapl as payement method. and Paypal don’t support Lot of countries.
    For Example All Hubbers from Africa and Arabs countries can’t receive money in their Paypal account. and for that purtpose they will not be able to enjoy their earnings.
    Unless you won’t like Hubbers from those countries , please think about other payement methods as like as = payoneer credi card, moneybookers or others…

  15. I agree with Funnebone. I closed my paypal acct. a long time ago. Please find a another way to pay as I would love to participate.

  16. Hi, I live in Ukraine, and even though I enjoy receiving Google checks regularly from my Adsense account, I cannot register full Paypal account from my location. They do not allow to receive payments. So I am out of the game, and it is a pity. Why is there so much discrimination even at the era of globalization? Pity.

  17. Since hubpages has members from all over the world and Paypal has only a limited amount of countries I think it is a pity that Paypal is being used for payment. I too am in one of those countries where you cannot receive payment. I am out too.

  18. Do i really have to wait for 6 months to activate my google adsense account,as its telling that it will take at least 6 months to have an adsense account. It lowers my emotional value. Is there any way to have an adsense account. So whatever I am doing now is useless,writing poems,short stories,no value at all.

  19. How about those moms who doesn’t have work aside from writing online? We don’t have tax identification numbers or income tax return statements since we have no employers?

    And if we apply for a TIN, we have to declare that we are self-employed, thus we need to pay monthly for tax. That isn’t so good since we are not yet earning from our hubs.

  20. My PayPal account does not accept payments at this time, yet I can open a PayPal account. I have already activated HP ads. Will HubPages have any other payment options in the future? Or should I deactive the HP ads?

  21. Google is a monopoly and if you’re ever removed from the Google Adsense program they don’t let you back in, therefore I cannot take advantage of Hubpages Ad Program. I was removed from the adsense program about 3 years ago by no fault of mine. I was $5 away from my first payout (had $95 in my account, needed $100) and Google removed me for “False Clicks” and I never clicked on my own ads or promoted clicks .. Hubpages should provide another way for members to make money and not just through Google Adsense .. This leaves me no other choice but to leave Hubpages and start writing for another site that does not rely so heavily on Google. I’m sure my leaving won’t bother Hubpages as you all surely won’t miss a beat .. But Hubpages administrators should seriously consider what’s happening here because I am certain I’m not the only one.

  22. It sucks to hear this paypal limited use hmmmmm God help us in africa pls invove a universal payment too like payoneer or alertpay

    1. Alan, as soon as you have an AdSense account, you can link it to HubPages. The time it takes for a writer to be approved for AdSense, however, varies, so I can’t say exactly how long it may take for you. That said, if you have a working AdSense account, go ahead and link it now! 🙂

  23. This is a very good feature and beneficial to those who wish to avail of it. Unfortunately for me, I can’t seem to get approved by google adsense, domain ownership issue according to their reply to my application. I probably might have to wait 6 months based on their policies with regard to certain countries. Can’t find a listing of the countries though so I have no idea what’s going on.

  24. Likewise Moira. I have applied for google adsense and they declined it so how can we benefit from the hubpages adsense program?

    1. Unfortunately homebaker23, AdSense is a requirement for the HubPages Ad Program now, but it might not be like that always. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

    1. Unfortunately scarlet22, we can only pay Hubbers through Paypal for the time being, so you would do best by sticking with AdSense instead of switching to the HubPages Ad Program. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  25. Thanks for your blog. I is very good that this sites allows many companies for ad revenue sharing programs.

  26. To all the PayPal haters out there:
    How does AlertPay compare? Is it a valid option for countries that might have trouble with PayPal?

  27. And if we apply for a TIN, we have to declare that we are self-employed, thus we need to pay monthly for tax. That isn’t so good since we are not yet earning from our hubs.

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