Having just joined HubPages six days ago, akanga1 (also known as Joe) is already on a roll, having published seven Hubs!

Joe (aka akanga1) on HubPages

Joe is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Macclesfield Hospital in Cheshire, Northern England as well as a clinical lecturer at the Liverpool University School of Medicine and published author.  Quite the expert, Joe shares his medical expertise in several of the Hubs he has published thus far.

We are always excited to see promising new Hubbers join the community and are quite looking forward to reading the Hubs that akanga1 publishes next. You can learn more about Joe, his work, and his future HubPages plans in the interview below:

HubPages: First, could you tell us more about yourself?

Hello, thank you! My name is Joe. I live with the love of my life Debbie and our children in Wirral on the outskirts of the city of Liverpool in North West England. For those struggling to place it on the map, it is the birthplace of the Beatles. I have been an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist since 1996. I worked at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, which is the biggest maternity hospital in Western Europe, for eight years until 2009. I am now working at Macclesfield Hospital in Cheshire. Apart from this, I am an honorary clinical lecturer at the University of Liverpool School of Medicine. I have authored a book titled ‘The Complete Pregnancy and Childbirth Answers’ first published in the year 2000. Writing (and reading) is a passion. Since 2007, I have run the female reproductive health website http://www.pregnancy-bliss.co.uk which is aimed at putting as much objective and up to date information out there as possible. According to alexa.com, it is the most popular pregnancy and childbirth site in the UK and Ireland. It is satisfying to know people are getting correct and reliable information. This inspires me to try to do more.

How did you find HubPages?

I was searching online for answers on a non-health related subject and an answer from HubPages popped up. I followed the trail and stayed at the site for a lot longer than I had anticipated. It was a revelation.

You have been on HubPages for less than a week and already you have published some stellar Hubs. Most of them are on health-related topics such as pregnancy, cancer, and eye care, however you also have a lovely Hub on reading and your favorite books – what has inspired the Hubs you have written so far?

As you can see, the majority of the Hubs I have published are on my bread-and-butter subject – health. This is what I do. I love the internet and the democracy at its heart. However, that’s also its Achilles heel. There is a lot of chaff about. We can’t just moan about this. If you know what you know, put it out there. As for that Hub on reading; yes, that is an absolute passion of mine and I seized the opportunity to share that with the wider world.

What do you plan to write in the future?

If the Hubpages community would have me, I would like to be here for the long haul. The majority of my Hubs are, predictably, going to be in the area of my expertise. That is Female Reproductive Health. A lot of medical work remains opaque to the general public but I have long believed it doesn’t have to be so. Now we have the means to break that artificial barrier of ‘expert and layman’. I, for one, intend to do my bit.

[Thanks, akanga1!]

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2 replies on “New Hubber Akanga1 Breaks the Barrier Between Expert and Layman in his Hubs on Female Reproductive Health

  1. By the process of freely expressing our thought we learn many things and we share many experiences. It also enables us to understand the many and multiple thinkings and cultures of the world. Many questions are answered without asking and there is no hesitation in asking a question which may be answered by any one who has the answer. We may support, criticize, analyze, improve and develop ourselves in many ways. A sense of fraternity prevails throughout and we feel a cooperative and coordinative atmosphere.
    My suggestion is that there should be some such system in this hubpages programme whereby the participants, who are not English speaking may know the defects of their expressions as that the same thing if said in such and such manner would be a better expression in English.
    What I have felt is that I wrote on diffcult subjects in English with references and it was remarked by the hubpages that it was from other langauage. That other language has in fact been made to be understood by English knowing persons. Any how I respected the
    remark and left my hubs unpublished till the time it is understood by the hubpages that it is English. Some times the original other language is translated for reference and the whole explanation is of that very text. If the original text is not shown the translation or expression may not be checked. last night I spent the whole night in doing that exercise but the response was not positive. I observed it as if a I am a student or a lay man and the hubpages a teacher or expert and I must learn. Thanks to hubpages. Thanks to hubers and thanks to akanga1.
    May God bless all.

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