…and it’s good for the community!

When you read a Hub that piques your interest, makes you laugh, or impresses you, don’t forget to  leave a comment.  In addition to letting authors know that you read and enjoyed his/her Hub, commenting is a great way for you to further establish your own identity within the HubPages community.  When people read your comments, it oftentimes leads them to check out your HubPages profile and your Hubs, boosting the exposure of your own Hubs within the community. Commenting on Hubs is also a great way of letting other Hubbers know that you follow their works and enjoy their writing.

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5 replies on “Commenting is Good For You

  1. I really appreciated reading your article, I have been wondering about what is copywritten and if there was a remedy if someone did it to me. Its good to know there is a program or two out there to help with this problem. Thank you Dennis

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