Paul Edmondson at HubCamp NYC
Paul Edmondson gives tips on keyword research at HubCamp NYC

Yesterday was HubCamp NYC, and thanks to everyone who attended! Though HubCamp NYC competed with both the Golden Globes and the Jets game, we had a great turnout and met some really amazing Hubbers – pros and newbies alike!

Though we have shared the HubCamp materials on our HubCamp section of the site and have HubCamp SF up in the Learning Center, every HubCamp is different, and attendees get their own unique set of the latest, insider tips. At HubCamp NYC, Paul and Robin emphasized the growing precedence of social media when it comes to being found in search results, and also got a cool tip that it helps to have slightly different URLs and titles for your Hubs.

Even some of the most seasoned Hubbers at HubCamp NYC came away with new strategies and ideas – though we learned a lot from them, too! We hope that you can make it to one of our upcoming HubCamps soon.

The next HubCamps will be in February – we’re going to be in Atlanta and Miami. In March, we’ll be in Houston and Dallas. In April, HubPages is coming to Philadelphia and Washington, DC, in May, there will be HubCamps in Chicago and Boston, and in July, we’re coming to London!

Can’t wait for us to come to your area? Consider becoming a HubCamp counselor and hosting your own HubCamp!

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3 replies on “Back from HubCamp NYC

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the HubCamp materials; videos watched, speaker notes and the Google Keyword Tool report downloaded. Still going through the valuable materials. I hope to host a HubCamp in my country soon if approved. I love HubPages.

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