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11 replies on “HubPages Behind the Scenes with Norah!

  1. Hi Norah!
    Being a moderator must be a terribly difficult job, and I admire you for taking on the challenge. I have been over on the ‘HubPages Facefun Group’ on Facebook and people have mentioned the problem of hubs being too personal.
    I write some very personal stuff, so if you have the chance, could you clarify this for me?
    Thanks so much,
    PS: In the meanwhile, I am going to take another look at the video!

  2. Thanks for the interview with Nora, Simone!

    Maybe there should be a more prominent link to this blog post on HubPages home page… something like…

    “Hey there, you HP newbies, CHECK THIS OUT!” 🙂

    Again, thanks Simone. And thanks to Nora, too!!

  3. Hey Laurel!
    To answer your question – it’s totally fine to post personal things on HubPages, it’s just not what the site is really designed for, that’s all. Personal things are better on blogs, articles are better on HubPages.
    So yeah- personal posts won’t be flagged for anything bad just for being personal 🙂

    And thanks Natasha!

    And ProCW – Yeah! We’re hoping to make the blog easier to access in the near future XD

    And Brettb – Yay for internet startups!

  4. Hubpages seems like such a fun place to work!

    Hopefully some day I can work at a fun internet start up (if not Hubpages)

    I’d start my own but I haven’t come up with that genius idea yet…

  5. Thanks for the candid look behind the scenes, and the reminder that HP is not necessarily a “Live Journal” per se.

    And what a marvelous looking office – makes me think I’ll stop by sometime (being in SF myself!).

  6. Thanks for the little insight into a moderators job.

    Good luck on the degree and yes, that Aussie Shepard is cute.

  7. Hi Clare,

    If you were to post a hub about the events that occurred today, that would be overly personal. However, if you posted an informative hub about dog training and used your own experiences with your dog as an example, that would be great.

    What I was primarily referring to is content that is used as a journal recounting today’s events, or as a way of conveying personal information to an audience. Those types of things are best suited to a blog, rather than a hub.

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