Hey everyone!

March’s Helpful Health Hubs contest was a great success: Over 1,100 high-quality Hubs on a wide range of health-related topics. We congratulate the winners, and hope everyone who participated enjoys years of readers for a job well done.

We hope to hold a similar contest every quarter, so in June we will have our next one. We’re just now kicking off the planning, but I will give you one hint right now:

It will whet your appetite.

Stay tuned!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

10 replies on “Hint about June’s contest

  1. Ohhhh my, how exciting! I take it it will be all about the food topic, huh? I better start getting sleep now. I’m glad another one’s on the way…

  2. Food.. Hmm.. May be interesting. Sounds like it’s a food topic. I’m doing a few restaurant reviews this month, funny coincidence.

  3. hmm….my guess would be food is going to factor in some way, either recipes or hubs about Summer foods like ice cream, etc. in which case i might actually enter this time! can’t wait…:)

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