The worldwide response to the recent events in Haiti helped to highlight how much the everyday technology that we take for granted can have a very powerful effect on the world around us.
It was no different here at Hubpages.  The sheer number of informative hubs published immediately following the earthquake was impressive to say the least.
I want to take this opportunity to share a few examples of the incredibly informative and thoughtful content some of our Hubbers have created in order to help you help others.

How to donate and who to donate to.

Of course the big thing you need to know is which charities are the most efficient with your Dollar.
If you have not already donated, I would encourage you to check out the following hubs:

Haiti Earthquake Relief 2010: What You Can Do to Help
How can We Help Haiti ? How To Donate Some Money Through Volunteer Organizations

Avoiding Scam Charities.

In circumstances like this it is extremely important that the money you donate gets to its intended recipient.
Arm yourself with knowledge about how to sniff out a scammer with these informative hubs:
How to Avoid Schemers When Giving to Charities
How to Research Your National or International Charity: Best Suggestions and Pitfalls

For the long-run

We all know that the effort to rebuild Haiti won’t stop once the relief organizations have responded to the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Rebuilding is going to take time and money. The following hubs are great general resources for learning more about donating and volunteering — whether in Haiti or in your community.

HubMob Weekly topic: Charities and Community Service
VolunTourism: A New Way To Give From The Heart

Of course there is a wealth of great content on HubPages regarding charity and volunteering. Check our Charity and Community Service topic page regularly for ways you can help others and boost your karma!



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10 replies on “Hubbers Helping Haiti

  1. Hi Jacob,

    Here’s our contribution to the effort:

    As you can see there, if people would like something in return for their donation Music for Relief are offering a downloadable album of previously unreleased music by Peter Gabriel, Linkin Park, the Dave Matthews Band and Alanis Morissette amongst others.

    The Road to Fondwa team are offering a copy of their excellent DVD about Haiti before the earthquake.

    Road to to Fondwa favour Partners in Health. Music for Relief favour the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dave Matthews Band’s own Bama Works Fund.


  2. Due to financial crisis in my part of the country, I am not able to donate cash, but when I found out about the terrible catastrophe. I immediately sign up for volunteer to Red Cross. I am awaiting to here from them, but being disabled, I don,t have a clue as to how I may be able to help, so as for now I am praying daily that, people and their hearts are being healed there.

  3. If anyone is interested in the future few months to work on a ragdolls2love project for Haiti, I will start a forum thread on it..

  4. Hi Jacob……

    Like Art, I am not also able to donate cash or in kind, first of all I am a student who still partly relying on my parents. Though I work as a part time caterer, it is not yet enough to cater my daily expenses plus my youngers sisters allowances and tuition fees. I do really want to help offcoarse, but money hinders me to do so. Maybe the best thing I can give is prayer, prayer to those victims and more blessings also to those who are willing to help them……….

    God bless!…….


  5. I love seeing the people from nations around the world helping those in need. Haiti ist he cornerstone of the world.

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