Yep, it’s about that time again — it’s time for some sweet, new HubPages updates! Of course, you (for some apparent reason) might not be quite as excited as I am (I’m actually doing cartwheels while typing right now), but I’m sure that you’ll really did these two new updates anyways.

The first update that we just rolled out has to do with the forums. A few months back we launched categories accross HubPages, which has turned out to been a very valuable addition. But, thousands of categories later we have now decided that the forums should reflect all of the new interests that these new categories have brought into HubPages, so we have now launched the ‘By Category’ forums that now match up with all of the higher level categories that are currently available to write a Hub about. This not only allows for all of you Hubbers to chat in more niche and dedicated forums, but it also allows us to show a more channelized Hub to visitors that are reading Hubs by adding a few of the more current and popular forum threads into the Hub’s sidebar.

Here are a few screenshots that will help you better see what I’m talking about:

Here is the new look of one of the category forums. Available subforums are shown in the red box.

A close-up of the subforums listing.

Relevant category forum threads are now displayed on Hubs as well.

Also, another update that isn’t going to be quite as noticeable is the ability to now be sent a daily email digest of the Hub notifications you would normally receieve from your fans as they happen. We know that a lot of Hubbers can get annoyed when these types of notifications begin to slowly fill up their inbox, so we now have this option available to make everything all happy again in HubLand. 🙂

If you are logged in, you can check out this new option by going to your Edit Profile page (as shown below).

Choose the new Daily Digest option to get sent one comprehensive update email a day

As always, please let us know what you think about these new features over here in the official forums announcement. Thanks, and may the Hub be with you all.

Posted by:HubPages Admin

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