When I logged into HubPages this morning I noticed a new Hub that was being showcased prominently on our homepage. The Hub is titled Hubpages Help – A Reading List For New Hubbers and was put together by the always entertaining and helpful Frogdropping who has put together a collection of some of the more helpful Hubbers and the Hubs they have written that are aimed at educating the rest of the HubPages community. The Hub currently has a HubScore of 99 and is attracting a lot of positive comments, which shows me that Frogdropping’s goal of helping out other Hubbers is definitely working, which is why I wanted to share her Hub with all of you in the first place.

So, when you get a chance, give this Hub a few minutes of your time and who knows — maybe you’ll actually learn something?

Posted by:HubPages Admin

4 replies on “Frogdropping Pulls Together Some Helpful Hubs

  1. Thankyou for doing this, it’s a great way of perhaps giving more exposure to our top hubbers that have shared their insight. I know I wouldn’t have managed to hub the way that I do but for their time and effort. And if anyone does get round to Lissie, Darkside, Mark Knowles and Maddie, please – remember to rate their hubs UP and say thankyou! If their hubs are rated ‘up’, more new or confused folks will see them. Pure math 🙂

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