A few mornings ago I was emailed by a Hubber named Daniel Carter who has been a member of the HubPages community for just about 2 months. In his profile he describes himself as a Composer/songwriter/Music Publisher/Audio Producer and over the past 2 months he has really started to enjoy everything that HubPages community has to offer.

The title of the email he sent me was “Thanks and guess what??!!” and it really brought a smile to my face and made me feel good to be a part of what HubPages offers all of our awesome Hubbers. So, I thought that I would go a head and share some of what he emailed me with all of you so that you can crack a smile while you read this, too. Here’s a part of what he sent over:

I published a hub called My Email Account Was Hacked! How I Regained Control of It and it was read by Associated Press writer, Beth Harpaz in NYC. Beth was so impressed with the hub that she referred it to one of her writers, Fritz Faerber who interviewed me by phone for about 45 minutes the other day, and is using my article and the interview as the basis for his article on what to do if you are hacked. It will be released through AP in the next week or so. I’m pretty excited about all that.

Whod’athunk? I couldn’t see that coming it if was a meteor!!

So, anyway, I’m tickled about this community, about being able to write profound, helpful things, as well as completely silly things.

So, again, thanks for such a great community. I love it there, and will continue to write.

All best wishes,

Daniel Carter

As I always say, all of us here at HubPages absolutely LOVE getting emails like these, so if you have a great HubPages story to share please send it to us so that we can share it with the rest if the community.

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13 replies on “Daniel Carter Gets Discovered On HubPages

  1. Congrats Daniel! How exciting. HubPages is a truly awesome community for so many many reasons. And, voila, yet another. Thanks for sharing this exciting news. And thanks Ryan for letting us share in the happiness.

  2. Great job and information for lots of people to know about plus brings HP to new eyes! So glad Mr. DC enjoys the world of HP.

  3. Arrgg I had the same thing happen with different circumstances. I ended up communicating with this person for some time before bing bang boom I realized it was not the company representative but an entirely different person who phished into my email. He was good. What really is the kicker..you contact authorities and they blow you off…so now I am blogging to as it is a good release to get the story out and warn others…never trust the little blue link!

  4. Dan is a gifted writer and a dear friend. He can make you laugh until you cry then turn around and perform a tune he’s written on piano and make you cry again because it’s so beautiful. Anyone want to nominate me president of his fanclub?

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