Thanks to the always awesome HubMob team of Princessa and ProCW we have yet another awesome weekly HubMob topic for all of you Hubbers out there to tackle. The topic is It’s Raining Men and Wendy explains the topic by saying:

Father’s day is approaching and we all have a significant man in our life, whether it is a father, grandfather, a husband, a boyfriend, a brother or even a friend, let’s spoil them with some gift ideas.  Take advantage and earn extra income using your ebay and Amazon capsules to generate some extra money.

If you have a great topic up in that head of yours that’s about something that has to do with a man in your life, now would be the perfect time to get it written. HubMobs are a fun way to write about a topic that other Hubbers are also writing about at the same time, which makes it really interesting and dynamic. Last week’s HubMob of Food and Recipes saw over 36 Hubbers write 50+ HubMob Hubs and those Hubs have already seen nearly 3000 visits, which is pretty awesome!

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