In this week’s newsletter we had 5 great HubNuggets that were voted on by the Hubtastic community over here in this Hub that funride published about a week or so ago. The Hubs, as always, give a great sampling of what some of the up and coming Hubbers have found success in writing about. This week we have a pretty interesting range of topics that include, but are not limited to, stripping, traveling and groundhogs. Check ’em out below when you get a few minutes to spare:

  1. Making Money Online by taking Surveys? Really! How much? [view]
  2. The Art of Travel [view]
  3. To Strip or Not to Strip [view]
  4. Groundhog Day – Will the Little Bugger See His Shadow or Not? [view]
  5. Social Bookmarking Tips for Those Who Don’t Get It [view]

Also for your reading pleasure, I want to introduce you to foxility, a Hubber that’s cranked out 24 Hubs in the past 2 months and that has an interesting take on living in the US after growing up in Tijuana, Mexico. She was answered some great questions that were asked by Tom Rubenoff in our installment of Hubber2Hubber this week. I’ll tease you with one of the questions that she answered below and feel free to check out the entire interview over in the HubPages newsletter archive.

How did you conceive of “Diary of Lola the Mexican” and who is Lola?
I have a sort of alter-ego called Lola. I came up with Lola after I moved to a very conservative town in the Northeast part of the States. This place is completely different than I am, so in order to fit in I had to invent a more composed character. I told my husband that I was now Lola and so I write about my life but through Lola’s serene mind.

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