Every Wednesday I put together our super-sweet email newsletter and send it out to thousands of Hubbers — some of them who see it and I’m sure that some of them who don’t. Now I may have a biased opinion on the matter, but I feel that the newsletter is packed with some really interesting stuff, including 2 of my favorite things to check out each week: the Weekly HubNuggets and the Hubber2Hubber interview.

I wrote a post that explained HubNuggets a week or so ago where I promised that I would post them in here each week. Well, I already somehow forgot to post them up last week (where does the time go?), but I am now officially following through with posting them this week and hopefully I can create a streak by posting them again next week (*sets alert on Google Calendar). So, with no further ado, here are this week’s HubNuggets:

  1. Should mentally challenged kids be alienated from their families? [view]
  2. London on a Budget [view]
  3. I have rocks in my head, oops!, I mean bed! [view]
  4. Lefties of the World Unite and Take Over [view]
  5. History of Internet Memes: The Rise and Fall of Boxxy [view]

The other newsletter feature that I’d like to post here each week is the Hubber2Hubber interview where, surprisingly enough, one Hubber writes up some interview questions for another Hubber of their choice. The interviews are usually 8-10 questions long and the really cool part is that the interview is written by a friend/fan of the Hubber that’s answering them, which makes them really interesting and original every single time. I’m going to start posting links to these Hubber2Hubber interviews each week as well so that more people out here on these internets can check ’em out.

This week’s Hubber2 Hubber featured Bruce Elkin interviewing Tom Rubenoff, who is an amateur musician, bicycle enthusiast and hardware extraordinaire. Here’s a sample of the questions that he answered:

How would you describe yourself, without using labels or titles?
I am five feet six inches tall, and I weigh one hundred fifty pounds give or take. Though open and welcoming, I have only a few close friends whom I treasure. I am good in conversations involving three people or less; larger groups, parties, not so much. There are a few subjects that I know a lot about and a lot of subjects I know a little about, so I am often an advisor or confidante.

How did you get started as a writer, and on HubPages?
I believe I conceived my first short fiction while on my way to elementary school. It was so good I fell of my dinosaur! My first poem was written at a tender age as well. Enjoying the praise showered upon my written assignments I strove to make them better and better, and so I was hooked. I forget now how I got started on HubPages because remembering things is no longer my strong suit. I think I Googled something and ended up on somebody’s page. I was intrigued, and well, you know, curiosity killed the cat.

You can check out the rest of the interview over here in the HubPages newsletter archive.

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