Tag, you’re it. No really, you’re it. Now you try to tag me as I run away from you, ok?

Ah, the game of tag. It’s an age-old pastime for generations upon generations of kids that have eventually grown up over the years(like yours truly). The game of tag has become such a popular game among kids for all of thee years for two main reasons: it’s easy and it’s fun.

Now, let’s take a look at something that’s fairly similar, but still quite a bit different: tagging content on the web and more specifically, tagging the Hubs that you publish on HubPages. When it comes to tagging a Hub there’s no doubt that tagging it with the appropriately related tags is a very important process, but unfortunately sometimes it’s basically the opposite of the game of tag that I described above. Although the actual act of tagging Hubs is a piece of cake, coming up with the tags to enter and actually entering all of them in can be a challenging and not-so-fun process. There’s no sugar coating on this blog, it’s just a basic fact that tagging can really suck sometimes, but it’s something that when done correctly can really boost your Hub’s visibility both on HubPages as well as out there on the web.

Here at HubPages we have seen this trend with tagging and have decided to see if we could do something about it, which led Fawntia, one our awesome engineers, to creating an entirely new feature that rocks called Tag Suggestions. Basically what Tag Suggestions does is take a look at the content in each of your Hubs once they’re saved into different capsules and magically suggests new tags that could be added quickly and easily.

The ‘Give me suggestions’ link now appears in the Tags section

Once clicked, the suggested tags appear and with one click they are added

Also, one really cool thing about the new Tag Suggestions feature is that it’s not just for new Hubs, meaning that you can go back to the Hubs that you have already published and update them with new tags as well. This has already had some positive affects for some Hubbers such as gamergirl who posted in the Forums that after she added the new tags her traffic to the updated Hubs had nearly doubled. I’m not sure if this will be typical, but it’s definitely proof that the new tag suggestions are working pretty well. If you get a chance, give this new feature a test drive on your own Hubs and let us what you think over here in the Forums.

Until next time, happy Hubbing and be sure to join the HubMob if you feel like becoming a HubMobster this weekend.

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5 replies on “New Tag Suggestions feature takes the effort out of tagging

  1. Love the new tag feature!! It makes tagging so much easier and faster than it was previously. The suggestions contain words I hadn’t thought of but are perfect (think that’s what Patty was saying).

    Like the others, I noticed an increase in traffic almost immediately.

    We love you, Fawntia!!!

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