Two weeks ago, we released a new feature that enables writers to create interactive polls. More than a thousand polls have already been published. Polls seem to be useful because they involve the reader but don’t require as much effort as posting a comment.

The most popular topic for polls on Hubpages right now is the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Out of the 500 or so polls that have garnered at least one vote, 20 of them involve the presidential candidates or their running mates. John McCain and Barack Obama get mentioned by name in nine polls each, while Joe Biden appears a measly three times. Perhaps not surprisingly, Sarah Palin wins the poll popularity contest with 14 polls, nine of which are about only her.

The political poll with the greatest number of votes is crashcromwell‘s poll Would You Feel Safe Knowing That Sarah Palin Were A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency? Most people said no (so far).

The overall winner for poll with the most votes is 6th Pay Commission by Trsmd with 165 votes. Apparently this hub is about salary increases for government employees in India. Go figure.

As I was investigating how writers are using the new poll capsule, a couple of authors stood out because of their unique approach. ASHWINSPGA, a newcomer living in Singapore, has written a couple of riddle hubs. At the end of his stories, he asks readers to answer a riddle using a poll. One of these riddles is called 3 Men, A Woman and her Virginity. ASHWINSPGA says that he translated it from ancient Indian literature.

Christoph Reilly is another author using polls in creative ways. In his hub Ginger Or Mary Ann: The Eternal Question, Christoph linked together several related polls to create a personality quiz.

A final hub worth mentioning is Black Hole will Swallow Earth-10th September 2008. Author sangeetjass asks if you believe that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) can destroy the earth. The LHC is a giant particle physics experiment that just turned on today. (Today’s Google logo was inspired by the event.) Physicists around the globe have been assuring worried citizens that the LHC is safe and poses no threat to the earth. Given that I am still alive typing this blog post, it appears that they were right.

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3 replies on “The New Poll Capsule

  1. Loved the post Fawntia! Great research, it’s interesting to see the poll capsule taking off before our very eyes.

  2. I think the poll is a great addition to the capsules on hubs it adds more interest and like you said allows readers to get more involved.

    Thanks for the information about the (LHC) Large Hadron Collider.. I was wondering what that was on the Google logo.

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