Testing a New Hub Design on Technology Hubs

A couple weeks back, we rolled out a new Hub design on Fashion and Beauty Hubs and have been monitoring its performance while making small tweaks. Before we settle on a new site-wide Hub design, we have decided to test out another new Hub design that adopts a radically different approach.

The new Hub design that we are rolling out as a test on Hubs within the Technology Topic is a clear departure from the Fashion and Beauty design. In this case, we have stripped away all but the most essential features on the page, leaving the look as streamlined as possible. This is done in an effort to reduce the time it takes for the page to load, eliminate distractions, and allow the content of the Hub itself to truly shine.

While we have removed all unnecessary components from this experimental design, we have also made some attempts to make the page more attractive. Notice the new background, which has been given a tech-related treatment. Should this new look be adopted site-wide, each Topic on HubPages would have its own distinctive but subtle background image.

As we experiment with this new design, we will slowly add back elements to the page to see what mixture of features leads to optimal performance. Because there are fewer ads in this initial test, you may see a slight drop in the ad revenue you earn from your Technology Hubs. Then again, you may see an increase in earnings as fewer distractions may lead to higher clickthrough rates. Keep in mind that this is a test, and that in the end, we will settle on whatever design leads to the best user experience- both for readers and Hubbers.

Big thanks to MickiS for championing this test, props to Fawntia for quickly executing the change, and a hearty hat tip to Amy Liu, who created the new Hub’s design!

Cyberculture and Zen Buddhism… Whaaa??

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsWhat does cyberculture have to do with Zen Buddhism?

A lot, actually.

In an impressive academic exploration of modern technology and ancient philosophy, lukecore on HubPages discussed this very issue, and in this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (Cyberculture and Zen Buddhism), Michelle Padro and Yours Truly have a look at his essay.

Ready to contemplate the concept of self, question everything, and discuss quantum physics?  Good! Here we go!

… and if you would like to see the argument in its eloquent and pure form, check out lukecore’s original essay: Cyberculture and Zen Buddhism.