Sharing Hubs on Facebook

So, Simone and I were chatting today about how people share their Hubs on Facebook.  After perusing a couple of examples and pouring over some statistics, we came up with a few tips to consider when thinking about how to apply social media (ie facebook) to Hubs.

1. When you see Hubs written by others that you think are cool and interesting enough to share with your Facebook friends, you may want to choose “Share” instead of “Like.”  Sharing a Hub creates a post  in your wall with a preview blurb and image from the Hub like this:

Liking a Hub  simply posts a brief mention like this:

See, sharing a Hub creates a more visible post on Facebook.  You may also want to write something pertinent in the description.

2. For your own Hubs, you want to make sure that you do not over-share things.

Keep in mind that you want to share Hubs that your friends may actually be interested in reading.  As Simone mentioned, “the goal is to get people to ‘like’ and comment on the things you share –  if they do, your shares are more likely to end up in peoples’ home feeds…and more people will see it.”

On that note, if you do NOT get a lot of feedback on the things you share, reconsider your strategy – continuing to share and like things that nobody seems to be interested in (ie no comments nor “likes”) will make it more likely that your shares only show up on your own wall – and not your friends’ home feeds.