Exclusives and Topics and Rising Stars, Oh My!


As Simone has mentioned, she’s leaving HubPages at the end of this month to work on her new business at Gigaverse. The HubPages Team wishes her the very best, and we’ll miss her terribly!

I wanted to take this opportunity to inform the community that I’ll be assuming command over some of Simone’s programs when she leaves. The weekly Rising Star competition, the Topic Expansion Initiative, Exclusive titles, the HubPages Weekly newsletter, and social media sharing are a few projects I’ll be working on. Please feel free to email me with new Topic requests, Exclusive title issues, potential Hubs of the Day,  and of course, shameless flattery.

Here’s a little about me: Some of you may already know me from the old Weekly Topic Inspiration program. I’ve been part of the HubPages Team since July of 2012, and I’m also a dedicated and enthusiastic fellow-Hubber. I’m very proud to have just completed the Apprenticeship Program. I have a History degree from UC Santa Cruz and I’ve been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 8 years. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to work more closely with the community! Oh, and I collect robots.

Helping HubPages’ Rising Stars

Many discover talented new Hubbers by chance, but by keeping tabs on each week’s Rising Stars, you can find our best new members in a jiffy.

The Rising Star Program on HubPages nominates eighteen Hubs each week, which are selected from three different Topics. These Hubs are showcased on their native Topic Pages for five days in special carousels, which invite visitors to vote for their favorites. The three Hubs from each Topic at the end of each week that win the most votes win their authors Rising Star Accolades, and are also featured in our weekly HubPages Newsletter (weekly winners are also announced on Wednesdays in the Forums).

By keeping tabs on each week’s new winners, you can discover which up-and-coming Hubbers are most worth watching. You can also spread the love and make these new Hubbers feel more welcome. Just drop by their Hubs and congratulating them on their accomplishment! 🙂