Introducing the Quiz Capsule

For a long time, the staff here at HubPages have been thinking about building something that we thought could be really cool, but somehow we didn’t get around to doing it … until now. This nifty new addition is called the Quiz Capsule, and it does exactly what it sounds like: It helps you build a quiz.

Why should you build a quiz? Here are a couple reasons:

  1. If someone likes your quiz, they might paste it into their blog or some other site. The quiz widget includes a link back to your hub.
  2. It’s fun!

The quiz capsule actually lets you build one of three different kinds of quizzes. For an explanation and demonstration of each kind of quiz, check out my quiz capsule demonstration hub.

Here is what a quiz capsule looks like when it is pasted into another site:

What kind of quizzes will you build?