How to Ace an Interview with a Journalist

HubPages is the perfect platform for everyday experts to share their expertise with a larger audience, so it should come as no surprise that many journalists turn to Hubbers for more information on subjects they’re researching.  We often get emails from Hubbers asking for advice on how to handle journalist inquiries, so we thought it might be helpful to share some pointers in an Online Writing Insider podcast (How to Ace an Interview with a Journalist).

Listen in as our go-to PR expert Pia Chatterjee shares her insights on journalist interviews. Pia outlines instances in which one might want to turn down journalist interviews, walks us through basic media training, and offers interview etiquette tips. The advice in this podcast is super useful, and we hope that you may have the opportunity to take Pia’s advice for a spin very soon!

If you have any fun reporter interview stories to share- or any suggestions for future podcasts- send them our way. We can be reached via email at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.

The HubPages Ad Program

Yesterday, you may have noticed news stories on All Things Digital and CNET that alluded to a new HubPages advertising program.  Before that, some of you noticed changes in our Terms of Service that alluded to that very same change.  Why did we not officially announce something on the site until now?  It was a bit of a secret program until now! We wanted to give these reporters a scoop on the story, and it’s not really a scoop if we’ve already spilled the beans on our site.

But at long last, we can say it loud and clear: HubPages is launching an entirely new channel through which you can earn an income on the site: the HubPages Ad Program!

About the Program

We are introducing this option to make it possible for you to earn as much as possible by offering an optimized mix of premium ads from multiple ad partners that will run alongside the Google AdSense ads on your Hubs, as well as any Amazon or eBay capsules you use.

You might be wondering how the HubPages Ad Program will impact your earnings from HubPages. To give you an idea of its effectiveness, nine beta tester Hubbers who had the program turned on for their accounts in January and February experienced an average earnings increase of over 50%! Not bad, huh?

Opting In

You’re probably wondering how you can activate the HubPages Ad Program on your own account. As the program is new, we are inviting Hubbers to use it in waves, with the first wave of invites going out tomorrow, March 3rd. If all goes according to plan, the HubPages Ad Program will be available to all Hubbers by June of this year.

Once you are invited to become a part of the HubPages Ad Program, you will have a choice to opt in or keep things the way they are. Once you have opted in to the program, your earnings through the program can begin! Payment is through PayPal, and your first payout will take place once you’ve reached a $50 payment threshold.

Whether you choose to use it or not, the HubPages Ad Program was created by HubPages to make your experience as an online author better than ever.  We hope you enjoy it!


To respond to some of your comments and questions below:

The traditional ad format looks like the layout to the left; the HubPages Ad Program format looks like the layout to the right.

The HubPages Ad Program adds additional revenue-generating spots on your Hub.

More Details:

  • Invitations will be sent out in waves to Hubbers – there will be a bit of randomness involved, but a priority will be given to those who are active on the site.  We are simply trying to bring this major program to scale gradually, to make sure that everything works perfectly.
  • You must have a valid AdSense account to qualify for the HubPages Ad Program. They are designed to be complimentary.
  • The other affiliate programs already available on HubPages (e.g. Amazon, etc.) work along with the HubPages Ad Program.
  • You must have a valid PayPal account in order to receive payments from the HubPages Ad Program.
  • The process for opting into and signing up for the HubPages Ad Program is very simple, so once you get an invite, just follow the directions 😀

For more information, check out our Learning Center guide to the HubPages Ad Program.  To ask questions and discuss the HubPages Ad Program with the HubPages community, visit the official forum thread.

HubPages Hits 1 Million Hubs

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.27.16 PMThis Monday, TechCrunch was the first to announce that HubPages has hit 1 million hubs!  This is quite the exciting milestone, and it’s notable that these are all of the hubs that have passed moderation and review, which means that the HubPages has not only published 1 million hubs, but 1 million good ones.

The millionth hub published, in fact, is a great example of the lovely guides and articles that get published by hubbers on a daily basis.  Awesome Halloween Treats by Jaynie2000 is jam-packed with great seasonal snack ideas, and a total pleasure to read, especially for those of us with a sweet tooth!

We’re so excited to reach this milestone, and are eager to read 1 million more hubs.  We hope you continue to enjoy the site, its tools and features, and the community for many years to come 🙂