Meet the Staff! An Interview with Jason Menayan

Our Director of Marketing Jason Menayan, also known on HubPages under his personal username livelonger, has been with HubPages for years and is is the go-to guy for sound strategy, healthy perspective, and killer Hubbing tips!

If you’re curious to know more about this impressive Hubber and HubPages staff member, check out Jason’s answers to the questions below. They’re all asked by Hubbers, so you know they’re good ones.

Why do some staff members write lots of Hubs whilst others don’t? Aren’t staff members not as interested in making more money from HubPages just like the Hubbers are? -ngureco

I can’t answer for others, but I’ve published over 200 Hubs and have 161 published now (I unpublished a lot of unsalvageably old Hubs). I just love writing, and sharing information and interests with other people. I also like bragging to my friends how much money I make; their jaws usually drop.

When does your work day begin and when does it end? Do you work 24/7 or ever go through HP withdrawal when you are away from the computer? -AEvans

I’ve never been good at drawing a clean line between work and home, so I tend to read HubPages-related stuff when I’m at home when it strikes my fancy. I usually do so not in an official capacity, but as a Hubber (livelonger). I can’t help it – much like others, I’m addicted! (I even wrote a Hub while I was on vacation in Mexico last year…)

What are your secret thoughts about Google? -paradigmsearch

Secret thoughts? I’m not sure I have any about them!

Do you ever sleep and when you sleep are you still dreaming of H-u-b-P-a-g-e-s? -prettydarkhorse

Yes, sometimes. I usually wake up screaming and drenched with sweat. (Kidding!)

What are the biggest risks that you have identified for continued success at online publishing? -GinnyLee

There always have been risks and always will be risks with publishing online, and pretty much any other venture that you could possibly be involved in. I really love HubPages, so I take the challenges in stride.

Are you concerned with some of the high-profile Hubbers leaving the site? Do you think it is part of the natural churn on writing? -GinnyLee

You’d be surprised, maybe even stunned, if you knew how many of those writers come back, most often surreptitiously under a new account. I struggle to think of a single exception. Churn is natural, as is, I guess, a quiet return. 🙂

What motivates you to do the things you do for HubPages? -ripplemaker

I’ve been here for over 5 1/2 years and have loved that the site, community, features, and challenges have continued to evolve. I love reading great stuff, I love writing, I love working with some amazing colleagues on new features and programs, and I’ve enjoyed interacting with some truly fantastic Hubbers here over the years. It never gets boring!