The True Power Of Linking

Chris Brogan, a super-blogger that I had the chance to meet out at BlogWorld Expo a couple months back, posted a great blog a few days ago about the vital importance of links and the basics that we all should know about them. The hyperlink is and always has been the building block if the web and it’s important to realize what actually happens when and how you link to the websites, especially when you are looking at it from a search(Google) standpoint.

Something that Chris stresses in his post is the importance of the words that you use when linking off to another site that you are directing traffic to. He breaks it down like this:

The important point I’m making here is this: the words you highlight as the linked text matter to how people find resources on the Web. Google knows when you’re trying to game this system, or do something devious, but for the most part, they also understand that enough pointers from lots of sites saying similar things probably means it’s accurate.

This is something that every author on HubPages should think about when publishing a Hub because one of the most consistent and time-tested ways to get search traffic is by getting backlinks from other trusted websites that would like to pass on your content to their audience. But, as Chris said, not only is it important to create content that is likely to get linked to, but it is also very important to have them link to you via keywords that will increase the overall trust level of your linked content.