Smurf Smuggling

Carolus may be one of HubPages’ newest fiction authors, but he has already written several awesome fiction Hubs. Among them is Smurf Smuggling, a hilarious piece on the illicit and illegal transport and use of Smurfs.

As an added bonus, Carolus created this recording of Smurf Smuggling– complete with awesome voices! I love what he’s done with the format and hope you enjoy this week’s special Fascinating Fiction episode as well.

Big thanks to Carolus for the Hub and the recording. If you, too, would like to submit a Hub and/or recording to the Fascinating Fiction podcast, drop us a line at podcast (at) HubPages (dot) com.


The Corpulent Vampire

Fascinating FictionA lot of folks really loved Once Upon a Childhood: Pirate Gold– a short story by Hyphenbird that we featured on an earlier Fascinating Ficiton podcast, so I thought it would be fun to share another of Hyphenbird’s short stories.  The Corpulent Vampire is the tale of an undead aristocrat who, despite an all liquid diet, has trouble maintaining a svelte figure upon making his way to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Hyphenbird’s original Hub featuring this story- The Corpulent Vampire – Coming to America, is a real hoot, so if you don’t have time to download or stream the podcast, I strongly recommend giving it a read! Heck, you should give it a read anyway, and have a look at Hyphenbird’s other fantastic Hubs.  She has oodles of them!

Thanks for sharing the funny story, Hyphenbird!  If any of you have a good short fiction Hub that you think would work well in the Fascinating Fiction podcast, don’t forget to email us about it.  We can be reached at podcast (at)

Funny Business: The Rodent

This week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast is by a new Hubber. In fact, Funny Business: The Rodent, a humorous story about the Acme Newsletter (and survival!), is only mollymeadows‘ third Hub.

I hope you enjoy the recorded version of the story, and I encourage you check out mollymeadows‘ other fun Hubs, too.  It is quite exciting to discover new writers on HubPages.

Is there a fabulous fictional Hub on HubPages that you think would be great as one of our Fascinating Fiction podcasts? Or are you interested in volunteering your fabulous voice for a reading (of your work, or that of another Hubber)?  Send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you. 😀

Winnie-ther-Pooh and the Very Important Letter

Fascinating FictionFor our second ever Fascinating Fiction podcast, I wish to introduce yet another Hub that was an entry in the April 2011 So You Think You Can Write Online contest: Winnie-ther-Pooh and the Very Important Letter by Mark Ewbie.

This poignant, humorous Hub is quite the enjoyable read.  I recommend visiting the original Hub in addition to listening in to this week’s podcast, as you simply must have a look at Mark Ewbie’s original illustrations.

If you enjoyed this story, you will certainly enjoy Mark Ewbie’s other work, so be sure to check out his profile as well!

And don’t forget- if you would like to contribute a short story recording of your own, email podcast (at) 😀