HubPages Success Story: One year after her first payout, habee find professional writing success on HubPages

habee on HubPages

habee on HubPages

Just over a year ago, Hubber habee was interviewed on the HubPages blog about her first payout.  All these months later, habee is more active than ever on the site, and in a recent forum post, she happily announced that she’s even been getting writing jobs thanks to her Hubs being found online.  We took a minute to chat with habee about the past 12 months and her continued success on the site and in the community – check out our exchange below:

Congrats on the new writing job! Did you expect to get offers to write via HubPages when you first joined the site?

I guess I didn’t really think about that when I first joined, although I’ve had offers when I wrote on other sites. Writing for pay is a great bonus! I’ve sold articles for as much as $375.

What advice would you give to those who are interested in being found as freelance writers on HubPages?

Just recently, I included a message on my profile page saying that I was available for writing, but I had plenty of offers before that. I have always stated on my profile page that I’m a freelance writer, however, so maybe that helped. I also included a little information about my experience with freelancing.

You won the Grand Prize of HubPages’ June contest, Eat, Drink, and Be Hubbalicious, and wrote a litany of amazing entries. What advice would you give to Hubbers interested in our upcoming contest on Personal Finance?

I would suggest planning Hubs for the contest NOW! Perhaps coming up with a few outlines would be in order, also. Instead of trying to write five entries every day, I suggest writing fewer entries and really concentrating on quality.

Your first payout was just over a year ago – how has your experience on HubPages developed in the past 12 months?

My earnings have increased every month since last February. I definitely believe that patience cannot be overlooked. Hubs take time to “age” on the search engines, and after they do, there’s a snowball effect. I rarely backlink, yet most of my Hubs are backlinked on numerous other sites. In most cases, if you write original Hubs that are interesting and/or informative, others will do the backlinking for you!

Habee, you write so many amazing articles. What is your secret to productivity? Your source of inspiration?

I guess I’ve always been a writer at heart. Even as a kid, I used to make up stories and poems. It also helps that I have a wide range of interests, and my education and experience teaching literature and writing skills didn’t hurt, either. Writing just comes so naturally for me that I can “whip up” a Hub or article in no time! This is usually a blessing, but it can be somewhat of a curse, at times. For example, when I’m trying to fall asleep at night, I’m usually creating a Hub in my head.

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