Flip Flops

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsIt’s summer, and you know what that means- footwear gets flippant!  Or at least flippy. And floppy.  And flip floppy.

In this episode of Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts (Flip Flops), Robin Edmondson and Simone Smith discuss the history, culture, practices, and marketing genius surrounding the world of flip flops, as inspired by a flip flop-loving Hub written by JSParker: World’s Best Flip Flops: Havaianas, Sandals Made in Brazil.

Listen in to discover where these fun shoes came from, as well as whether or not they’re admired or demonized by the business world (spoiler: it’s a bit of both).

Big thanks to JSParker for the fun, summer-friendly Hub.  If you recently published or stumbled upon a Hub that you think would be great for the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts podcast, tell us about it!  We’d love to hear from you.